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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie

Friday, December 14, 2007

Life is but a Vapour

Some urgent Heavy duty prayer requests for our praying friends.

Our container with Christmas Shoeboxes and hardback Bibles is in Tegu customs and they want to move it before friday. They have rejected our attempts to bond it out and wait for paperwork. They say our tax numbers are no good right now. They want to charge the commercial rate of 35% of the declared value of $25,000…Near $9000. No way we can pay that for things to give away for free. Our lawyer is revising the senders paperwork to devalue the contents in hopes to drop the price to $2-3000 Still difficult amount….And it needs to be paid by Friday or $100+ per day storage will be added. So it is in the LORD hands I know. $3000 will build near half a church in Colonia or LaCruz Baptist….We struggle so hard with funds, for ministry, right now we are stretching funds to the limit to start projects in hopes the LORD continues to provide…. So giving money to the government is a hard thing to swallow, simply because a lawyer did not do their job right months ago and assured us up to the moment the container arrived we were all set and would have no problems importing for non profit. Need help, advice and prayers quickly….

Another somewhat urgent request, Bessy and Iris may be coming back. They are the 2 little girls whom their mother tried to sell but was caught by the authorities. What is hard to believe she is not in jail… but now a traffic policeman. The authorities left a message and pleading with us to take them back. Whoever the institution that was suppose to take them backed out...Why I do not know. On the way out of the city their mom saw us and flagged us down. She began weeping uncontrollably and apologized for all the problems she caused last time and plead with us to take them back. Not sure why the change of heart or what is the total story is right now so I need a hedge of protection and an abundance of wisdom. We are scheduling a meeting with the judge with all present, so that everyone is in total understanding.

Another need is Ana Cristina. She and her family visited last night in church. She was the baby who received the heart surgery a year ago that saved her life. She was only days away from a point of no return with just a very short time to live...1-2 weeks according to the doctors. It is now a year later and she is due to be reexamined. She looks very good, beginning to grow and develop more normally, talking now, and the parents take her to phy/therapy weekly.... but the doctors who did the surgery in Guatemala want to run tests to be sure. To make sure no other surgery is needed. They said this a year ago as well. It has the parents worried because they do not have funds to get her there, or for the Guatemala state hospital fees (the doctor is free)...Hence the plea. After much pleading from the parents, I told them I would put out the plea and see what happens. I do not know the exact costs but know they are less than $500 for the exams and transportation. Do not feel obligated..(Unless it is the Holy Spirit) I am not expecting anything from anyone, but needed to fulfill a promise of intercession and let the LORD work.

Still need lots of materials to begin building church buildings both in the city and out. A long list but highlights are: Aprox 8000 blocks, 5000 roof tiles 300 roof panels, 500 bags of cement many truckloads of sand and gravel(all mixed by hand)100’s sticks of rebar. No one item is expensive but when you need 1000 of something not expensive…suddenly its real money. Then there is the backhoe… Plus we plan on starting the Children’s Lighthouse in January. So much to do and so little to do it with….Must be God’s Work …Amen!

Thank you all, your prayers availeth much!
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Send Forth Labourers

Lord, please send forth Labourers…. with hearts for your work.

Plenty of Irons in the fire. We closed on a property in the city for La Cruz Baptist Church…finally. Amen! It has issues but it now belongs to the church so we can build as funds are available. It needs alot of site work first. But everything we do to it is for the LORD and benefits the church. While I was in the lawyers office Jenny waited outside in the truck. She left me a note on the visor that touched my heart. When I got in she asked how do you spell forever in English?...when I pulled the visor down I saw the note she had written in English and Spanish because she could not spell forever (I love dad forever)….the picture found on the camera as I did this post makes it even more touching….Her in the rear view mirror was an accident I’m sure….precious moments "para siempre".

Barry, Javier and Omar installed a water pump on the new Children’s Lighthouse property. Put up a outside light and the children picked fruit…Which Lisa fried up part for supper, fried green bananas with coconut and fried rice, grapefruit for tomorrow's breakfast. Amen! Need to build a garage/storage/security house on the property to start working the property.
We have lots of projects ahead of us and no idea how the LORD is going to do it… just it needs to be done. If anyone feels the LORD touching their hearts to help in any way please let me know…any kind of help, prayer, funds, muscle, would ease the burden…Amen.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Day of Rest

A day of rest…When your spirit is at rest all of you gets rested Amen...

Sunday was one of those days you wish you could have everyday. One where from the first moment awake, the LORD showed his presence. Everything just falling into place.

The children awoke with a sweeter than normal spirit and gave double hugs and good mornings, with a desire to help. The weather was near perfect 80, sunny and a slight breeze. We shuttled out food, chairs, pulpit, bounce house and 76 La Cruz Baptist Church people to the new Children’s Lighthouse property for church services and a day of fun, fellowship and relaxation. Lisa prepped 7 gallons of turkey soup on the home made stove and pot, Barry Jr. had installed the tire swing on a tree. Families played, walked, explored the land, picked fruit, relaxed and bonded with no pressures of life for a moment. Bro Sabas preached a stirring message, several volunteered to sing specials. All open air under the big tree in the “Garden of Eden”.

One lady in our congregation is not the best at watching her young children, here it did not matter for there was always someone like Alba ready to sweep them up in her arms and play with them. Families kicking the soccer ball around on the lower field, Families throwing a ball around in the fruit trees, children in the tire swing, boys exploring the “unchartered” woods, children exploring the old stick bridge. Some just taking the time to sit in the grass (a rare thing here) and talk. The sound of laughter and joyous voices filled the air. Ending with a time for the little ones in the bounce house.

Sleep came quick and easy after prayer Sunday night…The question I ask often to those around me…Was Jesus pleased in this? On this day it was a resounding “yes”. Then nothing else matters because our joy is a side effect of his good pleasure…Amen!

Thank you for your prayers.

Many things on the near horizon.

*Container will be here soon.
*Children’s Lighthouse construction planned for January. Many needs in this that we do not know how they will happen just the need is there. Mower, backhoe, blocks, cement, wood, fixtures, laborers, wellpump, electrical, plumbing, ect.

*The monthly expenses just to “dress and keep” the property is about $200

*Need 300 more roof tiles for pastor Santos to finish the SS class roof

*New work in Colonia…long list in previous post.

*Property needed for La Cruz Baptist Church…Really need the LORD to intervene.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fields of Fire

This in now our 3rd Thanksgiving in Honduras. The time of year here sugar cane crops are burned in the field prior to harvesting. Dozens of children were killed a few years ago in this process because they were playing in the fields when they were lit. It always makes me wonder who else is perishing in the flames…
We have much to give thanks for. Lisa prepared a meal for us Bro Sabas family, Carlos and Omar’s family. It was a good time of fellowship. Lisa also prepared food to give away in church to needy families (most), and did it by lot numbers in a bowl so everyone got a meal weather it was rice, beans or a basket with fixens and a few toys. The LORD always knows who to give what better than I do.
We also did more outreaches and preaching in Los Tererros and Colonia; Both with good results and many showing up. We returned to Colonia again yesterday to view property they would like to donate to build a church building on. It would also be a very needful location for a children’s feeding center. I have been praying about this village for a year and a half, now to see things moving so quickly is just amazing. God is good. It will not be long before a building is needed. We would like to purchase blocks, cement, wood and roof tiles. If anyone is lead to help in any way to be a blessing to this fledgling work, please let us know. In part or in whole as a church or SS project or someone has something sitting around to sell that could be put to the LORD’s use, or? An entire building like in Los Tererros in the photo is only about $7000; a rough break down is: $2000 for roof, $2000 for blocks, $2000 for Cement, $1000 for steel. Blocks are 60 cents, Roof Tiles are 25 cents. It could easily be used as a feeding center as well. Pray the right folks see this needs. Our little Kia truck many soon be hauling another 50 ton church building up a mountain, block by block of course…Amen!
One of the men I admire is George Muller. I have heard it said by folks he never asked for anything just prayed. I have though about this long and hard. This sounds noble yet lets many off the hook, because it is not true nor is it scriptural. Principle one- Faith cometh by…hearing. Muller traveled more than 17 years in 42 countries letting everyone he could know what the LORD was doing, obeying 1 Chr 16:8, Psalms 26:7…then there were answers to prayer. The Baker that delivered bread did so because he could not sleep for days thinking of what the children needed…How did he know? The check in the mail just in time.. It was the Holy Spirit pressing a mans heart about the things he had seen and heard. I too see these things happen in this way …..it is Bible principles in play; Bearing one another’s burdens, All things in common,
2 Cor 8:11-15 that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality. Paul is telling others about needs...
Yes the LORD sends ravens in the wilderness too. But more often He uses his ministering saints and allows them the privilege of storing treasures in heaven for eternity. You see we are all the LORD’s bought with a price, and good communication among us lets the Holy Spirit work freely. Or we can stick our fingers in our ears try to say to the LORD I never heard the need, its someone else’s job, I can’t because, or……but once we know the LORD holds us accountable for what he has given to our care. That is a large reason we are here…The LORD allowed Lisa and I to see glimps, to truly see the need of the perishing….and I could not turn away, and at all cost came to Honduras. Pray the LORD opens your eyes both to the needs here and in your church.
On other news the previous property owner kept all the tools used to maintain the property(no surprise). So we are looking for tools. The most urgent is a mower. If 2 week go by it will be rough, the closest mower is a 2.5 hour drive and cost near $300 for a push model. No Wallmart $99 ones. Plus we need a well pump, hoses, pruning tools ect…and of course a backhoe. Still looking and praying. It will be needed in Jan when we actually begin building the Children’s Lighthouse for abused children… daunting.
We shared with the Church about the blessing of the property, Wednesday and all voiced the desire to have a church service there (and pick fruit). It will be difficult, we may have to rent a bus to take everyone and/or shuttle with the truck but next Sundays services will be at the Children’s Lighthouse property. Amen! Enemesio may also try to bring folks from Los Tererros. Amen!

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A field White Unto Harvest

Just trying to be busy when the LORD returns…Amen! A lot happened today. The container with Christmas Shoeboxes was loaded by Directline Ministries and shipped…AMEN!

Bro Sabas, Barry Jr, and 4 of our older children went to Lenaca to help build a Sunday School class for the children. Pastor Santos’ church has grown from 6 to over 100 in his small building in 2 years. So we used the leftover columns from the Whensawe fence and helped him build a roof to move the children’s class outside. Steel beams were made in our house and brought up the mountain. Barry Jr welded them in place on the concrete columns. Then Bro Sabas installed the rafters and stringers for the clay tiles. Alba and Jenny kept the several dozen children busy and not underfoot, while the men worked. While everyone was busy Pastor Santos wanted me to meet the 4 children soon to be orphaned. I say soon because the mother is so sick they already have the coffin for her. She is dieing of “cancer” which is an honorable codeword here for Aids, since no one dies of Aids just the “complications”. In Choluteca alone there are 30 children a month orphaned, abandoned or removed from danger by the government. Plus this area has the highest concentration of aids in the Americas. Lack of education, superstitions, machismo, remoteness, drunkenness, and lack of the Holy Spirit leaves the door wide open for sin; But the yearning for God all the more stronger for those that seek him.

It’s a lot easier to call out for help when your in the water drowning with sharks all around, than it is when your in the ballroom of the Titanic and your upset the ship lurched and spilled your drink….
Barry 2007 ...after a short visit to the USA

Once the work was done in Lenaca (Agua Callente), we went down the mountain to Colonia for the first “church” meeting. You can see Colonia from Pastor Santos’ Church but it takes more than an hour to get down there. After the meeting with World Vision, and village elders about donated property, (btw…All is a go for donated property to build a church on…anyone have $7000 laying around to build a church building? They will need one soon.) one family in the meeting lives 2 km outside the colony, but asked us to meet for a service in their home. With no public announcements other than "the preacher is here come over" said to the neighbors, 22 adults showed up. 22 people in the porch of a clabbered shack, only 5 chairs and rocks to sit on, no Bibles other than what we brought and gave out, all with dirt, dust, bugs, spiders, mosquitoes and darkness. What made it beautiful? The LORD was there… Bro Sabas preached a compelling message from the Holy Spirit and 15 trusted the LORD. The only light to preach by was the Holy Spirit and a dewalt flashlight…Amen! Talking with bro Sabas, a lot things look promising and the LORD is at work. He was asked to return in 2 weeks and continue preaching. If he meets in 10 homes with similar results the church would be 100-200 people in a short time and in need of a building. Our only hurdles are time, money and transportation. Sabas needs transportation to visit with and I am already finding it difficult to be everywhere. So much so now have cords showing on the tires of the new truck in just 8 months from trying…

Several folks are looking for a backhoe, pray the LORD provides the one we need and we have the wisdom to see it and resources to get it here. And closing on the property for the Children's Lighthouse today @2:00. Amen and Amen!

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie
Honduras Missions

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Garden of Eden now has thorns...

There were men here visiting and considering helping get the Children’s Lighthouse off the ground. After seeing the LORD’s work on a whirlwind tour that left all tired and sore they offered to help build the first building to house children on the new property. Now to draw up plans now that we have a budget that is not “0”. Amen!

As for the new property, always a roadblock in Honduras. The Spirit told me to have it surveyed before we purchased…Not done often here. We found he had sold part of it off and it was 1/3 smaller than he claimed. It broke the deal when he would not adjust price ect. So we went looking elsewhere. Looked at several properties in the last week. All much less per acre but all more acres than we can afford. One took the entire afternoon to go see. Up a rough back mountain road for 2 hours then we got near it and the owner said its just another 30 minutes walk and your truck cant make it along the cliff path...uh I dont think we are interested. Being from Alaska I like remote, but carrying in blocks, cement and food on your shoulders for 30 minutes from now till the rapture does not seem like an effective way to build or run an orphanage... Another One was was the most beautiful by far with a view over the Choluteca delta and a view to the ocean 50 mile away. Water year round, 160 acres for $120,000....but that is $40,000 more than we can do. Its not like the USA where you have all the info before you get there, You just know of someone selling and you must go find them to talk and find out what. Another one was huge, as we talked we found it was 518 acres...with cattle but the cheapest per acre by far. What a deal only $190,000...eyowza, but that’s only $367 per acre.
The men visiting committed to helping start the Children's Lighthouse with $25,000 to go toward a building project starting in Jan. We are meeting with the first property owner today, to have another survey done with "his wife's" property added into it. He called 3-5 times on the day we went looking at other property. Not comfortable in dealing with him but it is the property the children like & Lisa likes... And it is the area most in need of a church/ministry/outreach...that trumps all else. The additional property surveyed yesterday is 4.5 hectares more (he was 3.88 short). It is now 31.9 acres. I took the children and played with them for several hours there, that more than anything else made up my mind. To watch them run, play, laugh, gave joy to my heart. It may have changed the owners mind as well. The owner agreed to give it all for no additional moneys and agree to pay all the fees for land paper transfer (About $3000)...That was my dew on the pelt. I had told Carlos before hand that if he just gave it and we had no more expenses, We would buy it. I asked the children, Lisa, Carlos, Luz, Guytan, and a few others and all said we should buy the "Garden of Eden" (I thought jokingly back from Satan but never voiced it out loud)...Soo we should close this week. Some of the fruit trees have been grafted there and produce several kinds of fruit on the same tree...kinda neat. Lemons with grapefruit ect.

Guytan(The arc/builder/Forman) Sat down Saturday and we discussed how to spend the 25,000 that has been promised in a way pleasing to the LORD and most useful for his work. We discussed numerous options, but kept returning to the original plan as most the effective and useful for all the future ministry there. The original structure idea was a large 60'x100' 2 story U shape, with Living on top; ministry, schooling and feeding kitchen below, but was $105,000, way over budget when he crunched the numbers. So we will only build the bottom of the "U" part. After he checks numbers it will be 45-60’ x 24’. He thinks we can build in stages, and finish stage 1 enough to live in with the 25, but needs to draw it all out and verify pricing for the 2nd floor steel/concrete floor(The budget breaker). The Idea is to build it in such a way that it is finished, yet future add ons do not require modifications of the building just expansion. I have worked with him before and he is very accurate on his plans and budget and has it well thought out. Then as we grow each additional stage will be about $10,000 for every 4 additional children completing the legs of the "U" in about 7 stages as needed. It will be difficult, we will have to watch every penny to do it and acquire a little extra help along the way but doable. A backhoe is going to be a real necessity though. Plus we will need support for each child we take in. The idea is it will grow as we grow...Pastor Santos wants to talk to us about 3 more orphaned boys all under 10 in his ministry…the need is there…..

Other news fronts
We have a meeting about the possible donated church property in Colonia on Monday and Bro Sabas is planning the first "church" meeting Tuesday in a home we stopped at Thursday. World Vision helped built the village and still holds the final say on what can be built there so the meeting is with their rep...Even if it is no the family living just outside the area we visited wants us to start it there...So.. a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. If all goes well in 6 months we may need to build another $7000 church building like in Los Tererros...Amen!

Also delivered tiles(Just so happens donated by World Vision) to Los Terreros. Some supplies and food to Lenaca while the men were here. They said in all their travels in Africa, S America we have the prize for the worst road anywhere, They concluded they had finally gone to the uttermost parts of the earth. The little truck beat them to death, it is now overdue for tires
A backhoe is needful on many fronts when the LORD opens that door.

The child service Lawyer Sabastiana has begun coming to our church under the tent. So far to 2 services and asked to be picked up for next week, with the children in her house... All I know is the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Last news

A container of Christmas shoeboxes is shipping tomorrow from Ohio! We should see it before Christmas! Amen! Thank you for those who participated in this. You will see photos posted as they are given out in the LOVE OF CHRIST.

Still desperatly need property for La Cruz Baptist as well....Lots of Irons in the fire, and a real possibility of 5 churches planted and a orphanage built in 3 years... Only God.....

Thank You For your effectual prayers
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Children's Lighthouse

I am back in Honduras! 2 Weeks of exciting news. The return flight was scary. 5 attempts buzzing the runway to land in the fog and high wind, and full power aborts; Landing at 4500’altitude, on a short, barely adequate, inner city runway, surrounded by mountains that you cannot see. The pilot had to fly to another northern city to refuel 2x to do so. Exhausted with some scared, 90% of the passengers got off and chartered a bus for the 5 hour drive after the last refueling. The pilot informed everyone that if he could not land this time he would be returning to the Miami airport. I knew there were 20 arms waiting there to give hugs and showed those around me the pictures and stayed onboard. So did they, thankfully we landed and I got my hugs. Welcome to Honduras where barnstorming in a 757 in not unusual. As we passed through customs those few sitting around me gave a thumbs up saying “good call.”

The missions conference in New England was great. Central Baptist Church is growing well and is now reaching out to Honduras with the Great commission. They are also packing crates to ship to Honduras Amen! Enroute to Central Baptist, I stopped in NY and visited a supporting church. One member had a nice small school bus for sale, diesel with a/c even. After talking to another ministry in New England a few weeks back who wanted to start a bus ministry, the brain was working overtime. Those who know me know this rings in my ears. When talking to the pastor that day he sounded discouraged because they could not afford a bus. Hmm, because ministering saints providing my tickets and fuel I had a little money in my pocket. The plan was to use it to purchase a new projector to use in the mountains. One we would not have to wait till it was totally dark to see. But the Bible still has 1 John 3:17 and it is a verse that is ever present in the Saviour’s servants. I called and said “Brother, are you going to use it for God’s Glory?” “Yes” “Will it help your family and ministry?” “Yes” “Then it is yours. It will be delivered Sunday night.” The LORD replaced the money less than 24 hours later and we got a projector. Amen! Just pvc pipe for the LORD. Why were those questions asked? Because they were the same questions asked of me by a ministering saint on the following blessing….

The LORD has given us 30 acres about 14 kilometers out of town to build the Children’s Lighthouse. A home for abused, abandoned and orphaned children, an answer to prayer, a place for the children to grow in the nurture and admonition of the LORD. This is the property that Lisa and I were shown a year ago. When we first saw it we both thought…it is going to be way too expensive for us to even consider…and it was. At the time it was 2 million lempira.($110,000). We did not have $100 let alone that…So that idea was shelved and we just waited on the LORD. Now because of God and his ministering Saints we will close, on the property next week without a mortgage...own it free and clear. Amen! Yesterday the children went out to play and pray on the property. Just a time to explore walk and see the new promised land filled with all manner of fruit; Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, coffee beans, mangos, corn, and more. It has 2 artesian wells and electric. This opens yet another door of ministry, but we cannot do it alone. It will take much more than we have to build and operate such a place. Never the less I know in whom we believe and He is able to send the ravens. God has more than 7000 sacrificing saints, even in today’s times, who listen to him, and have not bowed and loved this present world. Amen!

God's blessings will not lack God’s supply. If God says jump, I have no problem jumping out of the plane without a parachute and look for a chute on the way down…for if we obey Him and wait on Him, we mount up with wings as eagles…

While in the USA I had an opportunity to see our grand kids for the first time. One was born on the same day I flew to Honduras. A visit with Sasha in college was also squeezed in. I saw her play in the orchestra and took her out to eat and talk.

Please pray there is much to do and many needs ahead of us. Our church in the city still desperately needs a place to meet. We may need to build yet another church in Colonia as well…..

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour

Barry Ritchie

Honduras Missions

Monday, October 22, 2007

Acts 1:8 Uttermost

Witnessing in the uttermost parts…The last couple of weeks has given an opportunity to present the gospel in several locations. Barry Jr and Carlos will continue with one more while I am away. It is rainy season here and the paths up the mountains are treacherous and rough. The kia has broken shock mounts, maybe a bad c/v joint and a few more dents and flattened tires from this last outing. Not to mention thick mud covering the inside…Muddy wet people getting in after moving rocks, digging, pushing, a truck up a mountain so a few more can hear the Good News. In the pouring rain, 100 people showed up to watch a movie and hear preaching in the rain at Colonia. 10 made professions of faith when Bro Sabas preached, Carlos continued preaching a second message making yet another plea and a 21 year old girl came forward. Afterward 2 village elders approached offering a free piece of land if we would help build a building and plant a church. They called again today to ask when? What a great door opening. Need wisdom, funds, laborers and prayer.

In Los Tererros the road was worse than I had ever seen it, 5 km took 1.5 hours. The truck got stuck in several places getting up and back down. So much so, in one location the axles were on the ground, everyone was exhausted, I looked at my watch, we had worked 51 minutes to remove the truck from a ravine and keep it from tipping over against the rocks. I prayed “LORD Everyone is at their wits end and we are about to quit. If someone is supposed to be saved tonight please get us up to the hard flat point within the hour…9 minutes later we were on hard ground and made it the rest of the way. 5 salvations including the young men who helped build the church building. Amen!

Yesterday was eventful at our church, La Cruz Baptist. Pouring rain, trying to fill a makeshift baptismal that leaked. It came time to baptize and it still was not full so a bucket brigade began filling it with our bottled drinking water. When that ran out, JD got into the underground water storage tank to hand up buckets…end result 15 were baptized. Amen.

Pastor Ramon asked if we would do an outreach in his church. About 30 of our church folks wanted to go as well. So we loaded up the 69 Datsun and the Kia and went. The last 2 blocks are so muddy only the kia could make it and we shuttled folks in. Also snapping a low power line. Omar was able to repair it and put it back up, before services were over. Several more professions made, Amen!

Andy and his son JD have seen our little world, I think the LORD is working in their hearts too. Though I don’t know how much more of a servants heart you can have than to shovel the manure out of the church…no really we have to share our church meeting place with cows….Amen.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Stephen has left, the young man who came to let the LORD search his heart about ministry. He labored in the sun and rain, was beaten and bruised riding up the mountains, and did not hesitate to help kill rats and clean maggots from food supplies, all without a hint of attitude just a humble desire to please. I went looking through photos to find we did not have a lot of photos of him. We let him use our camera which places him on the wrong side of the lens…oh well. He stayed with 6 of our church families. Some live in adobe with just bare necessities, some more modern homes, each family sharing the love of Christ with their new found son. Tears were shed and many hugs given in the last church service. Not sure what the LORD will do in his life now, only that he will never be the same…
When you met Jesus…your never the same. “LORD When Saw we thee?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fell among theives

I have said often, Honduras has allowed me to see and live more of the Bible than I ever did before. What does this sound like to you? A young man 24 wandered into church services Sunday, afterward he humbly only asked for prayer. His name was also Stephen as is our other USA visitor. He is insulin diabetic, had been beaten up and robbed. He had managed to call his family earlier to help but it was Sunday and tomorrow is a national holiday (No banks or western union open). He asked people around the town center (The Catholic Park) where a church was and they told him to find the people under the tent. There is an underling prejudice here that makes no sense. He is dark skinned native Indian and was born in the Mosquito Coast area on the north coast. He has family in Rotan in the north and was just trying to get there. He had come down from a university school in the USA for a friends wedding in Nicaragua. Almost daily we have people beg for things and we help as the spirit leads in wisdom. The LORD giving wisdom to prove them. We have chased all kinds of false stories even going to the hospital looking for a dead baby. This time was different than most, no red flags in my spirit. The Holy Spirit gave me what to do with a peace about it. He was put up in the local hotel we use and I told Abel the innkeeper to take care of him. Monday we went to the Airport so Carlos made sure he got on the express bus to the other side of the country where family is.
After, when all were comfortable, he shared that his father is a seafood exporter and is best friends with the new Honduras President…hhmm.

See any similarities? …. me too.

He called a day later to say he had made it and to say thank you again…Amen. Just a servant praising the LORD.

The river is still high after almost a solid week of rain. One area in which we have preached near Marcovia is flooded. A Message was sent to us, one family we had ministered to lost 3 members when the rescue boat over turned in the river. The father, his 8year old daughter and 11 year old son perished. We sent food to help for a while.

On a high note Carlos preached the message Sunday and 6 adults came forward for salvation and or Baptisms. We will be baptizing 6-9 folks next week Amen. Carlos had a bit of a dry spell in preaching not seeing anyone come to Christ, so he was overjoyed.

Pray for the outreaches this week, We plan to visit a new area. Plus return to Aguas Callente to help with a Sunday school room, install solar to power a near future Bible institute. Last trip up was hard and damaged the front bumper when we slid off a rock in the rain. We still need to purchase batteries, lights, wire ect for the panel and a few more materials for the classroom construction, if anyone is led to help....

Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,

Friday, October 12, 2007

Amazing what a week brings.

Amazing what a week brings. Stephen, a 23 year old young man is here to allow God to search his heart about full time ministry. The thought; instead of a hotel give him a real Honduras trip, popped into mind. The Holy Spirit prompted the question in church, “Who wants this young man to stay with them for a night?” I was thinking 1 or 2 folks would do it and the rest of the time would be with us or a hotel. No, every night got taken. He is living with our folks from a substance farmer to a dentist. Last night stayed with Bro Sabas, and they are suppose to walk 250 lbs of food up to Maria’s home in the mountain. I told him if he didn’t then the 70 year old Maria would….He chose the honorable answer. We shall see what’s left of him today…
2 Trips were made to Agua Calliente to deliver roof tiles, for a SS class, wood, sand cement, food, medicines and pastors study books to Pastor Santos. Raining continuously, crossing places where water/mud is over the tires. Many tracts handed out. Stephen was amazed to see you could toss tracts out and people would run to pick them up…even in the rain.
Daisy a 14 year old girl saved in our church wanted to ride up with us and help. It actually gave me 4-5 hours to teach and talk with her as both a pastor and a father figure. (her father was killed in a bar fight when she was small). She tickled me when I asked has anyone else every talked to you like this or about these things….only Sasha was her reply. She had come to me after church Wednesday and shared her struggles. It was refreshing to hear a newly save young person explain the trouble she has having a TV in the house and other influences. I told her to bring the tv to our house and go cold turkey for a week. Instead read, study, pray and do things for the LORD. After one week I would let her borrow a small dvd player with a screen that has no ability to play TV and have her and her family watch some of the thing we have; some entertaining, some educational. After 2 weeks I would sit down with the family and talk.
Our children received gifts from pastor Bennetts children in the USA. We sat them down and called the Pastor as they opened them so they could hear the thank yous. Is was a fun shared experience.
Toño, Sayder and Karen got sick this week and needed 3 injections each…which you do yourself here.
Sasha called from college and shared with a broken voice she had gone to the altar in church and surrendered to full time ministry. She also told me she had the privilege of leading an entire Spanish speaking family to the LORD and they were in church too…3John 1:4 no greater joy.
We have a close friend and his son flying in Monday to allow the LORD to work as well.
A Joyful yet unworthy Servant,

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Moves You?

What moves you?

What strikes a melody in your heart and makes your heart rejoice in the LORD?

Watching children play in the rain…then adding dish soap for bubbles to the sidewalk and listen to the giggles.

While on your knees praying alone at 6am, having 2 children in our Children’s Lighthouse quietly come up and hug you and begin praying with you…

Seeing several visitors come to a packed church in a dirty carport…and asking for salvation.
Rushing a young boy for x-rays and stitches who was caught in the cross fire of 2 older boys throwing rocks…then 2 hours later having the mother of the hurt boy give the quiet seat prize in church to the boy who threw the rock…..

Hearing “I love you Papi” 50x a day

Having an elderly church lady meet you in the street and give a hug you so tight around your neck you can’t breath; just so she can say God Bless you.

Giving a 12 year old girl, who had been abused and abandoned, her wish for her birthday. Then also be blessed to play a part in her transformation and watch her blossom into a godly young lady….

Having a wife who worked more laboriously then you all day, roll over and rub your back as you drift off to sleep…..
I have been allowed a small taste of heaven…and want more, for there is no greater joy.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


Monday, October 01, 2007

Bible Day - A National Holiday

Bible Day!
The church decided to celebrate Bible day this year by simply obeying it… “GO”. The Idea was to have invitation an hour before services and walk the neighborhood inviting folks to come. “Compel them to come in” Lisa and the kids made 50 attractive gift baskets for the church to use as invitations. My idea, as a guy, was just functional-- hand out rice and beans fill a need. Lisa took the idea and added a woman’s touch and made very nice gift baskets; Filled with corn, beans, rice, salt, soap, John & Romans, tracts, hot sauce, spices, candy and a personal invitation to church, all in a pretty bowl tied with a bow. It allowed the church folks to participate in the joy of giving, for most it was the first time visiting, and showing the love of Christ to the neighborhood. Results? 50 went out 2 by 2 and more than 100 came in. It was great, many new faces and some we had not seen in some time. Lisa stealthily snapped a photo of Omar witnessing; the children were spontaneously singing hymns in the streets with tambourines and maracas, and the teens handed out over 400 J/Romans. We are now completely out of whole Bibles…I need to get more. The taxi driver (who hit a child last week) and his entire family showed up and helped. He promises to be back. Carlos preached a message that was strong and pointed. Afterwards everyone was hot and in need of water, so little bags of cold water were given out...of course the kids know how to turn them into make shift water shooting toys. What they seem to forget is the adults do to. Whether they drank it or wore it it gave God glory. As a preacher you could not ask for sweeter day with a sweeter spirit… till the trumpet sounds….

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Lord Works in.....

Another day in Honduras. Our landlord is finally fixing the roof. He has given the excuse for 2 years he could not find someone reliable to fix it…so it continued to leak worse and worse. Filling in many places filling a 5 gallon bucket in 20 minutes. The last time he gave that excuse, I said I would find someone if he would pay him. Pastor Enemesio to the rescue. It will be a 3 day job reshuffling the roof tiles and replacing bad wood, bad tiles and cementing areas.
At the end of the day many of the neighborhood children were in the street running around unsupervised. (A daycare type outreach is much needed) When the screech of tires and the ominous thud you never want to hear. A few moments later a woman screaming. A taxi had hit a 5 year old boy named Oscar Alvarando. An impoverished mother picked him up unconscious and bleeding everywhere, then in a panic started to run back to her plastic home on the river. Lisa and I stopped her, Lisa wrapped him in a towel put him in our truck and rushed them to the pay hospital. If he had internal injuries or head trauma time was key. The taxi driver saw the crowd gathering and fled off. I called Carlos and asked if he knew the taxi numbers owner. He said no, But saw him a few minutes later on the other side of town and flagged him for a ride. He then informed him everyone saw him. And an American missionary had the boy at the emergency room. The man was scared to death. He met us at the doctors and was pleading for mercy from us and from the parents not to call the police. He did not have money to pay the hospital bill, and there was no way the family had the money. The father admitted they were not watching the child and he was running wild in the street near naked and chose not to press charges, but only after the Doctor said he was going to be fine and stitched him up. We paid the hospital, doctor and x-rays, gave them the meds needed to the grateful family. Then told the driver he could pay his part by showing up in church with his family for a month. He happily agreed. The entire neighborhood saw the events unfold, The LORD’s people should not be ones to stand and watch or pass on the other side. We shall see how this affects the church….Time will tell knowing the LORD works in mysterious ways.
Unworthy Servant to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lisa is Back!

Lisa is back! She hand carried a special doll for Julie’s Birthday. Because of the Hurricane the airline allowed extra luggage and Lisa brought back lots of stuff…Customs was not happy and gave her a very hard time to the point other passengers began to complain. But it all worked out and she got through once a supervisor stepped in.

Many things are happening and on the “to do” list now. I will be going to the USA for a missions conference in late Oct. We have 2 groups of friends visiting in October. Several outreaches planned and we would like to help Pastor Santos put on a children’s SS room. And church Doors and Windows for Pastor Enemesio. Enemesio has his motorcycle! Still learning to ride it and needs to get his license. God’s ministering saints always amaze me. Only wish more christians would listen and be blessed. Many tears in heaven of the “should of” or “could of’ opportunities missed.

Some things are still a major struggle. We have large roof leaks in our house and the landlord only offers promises. He wants to sell it to us rather than fix it. I would consider it for a church property....but more issues. $ being a major one. As a house it has no place to let the children play… Still need properties for an orphanage and for a church. Outside the city is best for a orphanage but the La Cruz Baptist church needs to be in our neighborhood. The property we have been trying to buy is in conflict…several owners in a family all fighting with one another. (one photo is from the property we are looking to buy) Plus part is about ready to flood and the owner still thinks it is a goldmine because an American is interested. Our river is at flood stage. Lots of rain during and after the hurricane has finally reached us. It is now touching the red danger zone painted on the bridge. Putting tents up in the rain for church means only the most faithful and healthy will be in church…Difficult to grow in but the roots go deep. We have had several issues with families; Because of the 2 ladies and the little boys a few weeks back, the church has a reputation of fighting with each other. In reality far from the truth but Satan is subtle and magnifies every flaw. Neydi’s mom Suyapa is expecting again and Neydi has withdrawn from school and is working. You preach, pray, weep, reprimand, love, aid, rescue, pour your time, heart, resources out and help, then see someone throw it away for a moment of pleasure or fear. One thing is for sure, Honduras has allowed me to see the world in a much more christlike way…and it is heartbreaking.
Working for the “Day of Rejoycing!” for it is not far.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour

Friday, September 14, 2007


Putting out an intercessory plea for Paster Enemesio. As many of you know he is the pastor up in Los Tererros. The church has begun with a bang and he has been diligent in preaching, visiting, soulwining, and helping the people in general. He worked on the church building for a couple of months without income for his family.(he is a carpenter by trade) And now rides his bicycle 33+ kilometer up the mountain for each service. Quite a feat when you see the mountain and the road, then consider he is 60 years old. I could not do this when I was 25. He has not complained nor asked for help in this, but it is wearing on him and 1 John 3:17 keeps coming to mind. I have rescued him on several occasions when his old bicycle broke down. As the LORD opens the door, the prayer is to purchase a small motorcycle for him; To be used to visit and ease his burden/need. It would help the new church grow and even deliver a few things. The cost for a new 150cc motorcycle, helmet and license is about $1000 dollars. Really not a lot in American eyes, but a fortune for him. If our LORD lays it on your heart to help in some way please let us know.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Children's Day Choluteca 2007

Honduras celebrates a “Day of the Children” as a national holiday. What a church opportunity to teach and share. So we did. 110 people crowded under the tent for preaching in the hot sun. The church members took on the cost and responsibility of doing a piñata and feeding the children. This gave me a joy unspeakable. Our ladies along with Daisy and Alba began cooking at 6:30am on our home made oven to feed the children after church. More than 150 were served a meal, given a tract and a Bible. Afterward the piñata was hit, the gospel train ran, Candy Cannon shot off and City of Jericho bounce house was used….until we got caught in the rain anyway. It soaked everything to our chagrin. It meant Barry Jr and I had to put everything back out the following day just to dry, backbreaking… but the neighbor hood children loved the second chance playtime…and Angels in heaven rejoiced.

Sasha is now in college and called to tell me of some she has already led to Christ…Amen. She is already missed much here. Lisa is due back on Thursday, Julie’s Birthday, and is bringing her a special doll.
Speaking of gifts REMEMBER the shoeboxes on the Chirstmas post a couple of stories down...now it the time to start.

Counting the Heavenly Value of it All…..
Barry Ritchie

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Counting the Value

Just a question.
How do you you measure the value of?
* Hearing a impoverished child walking by your window at 6:00am singing the hymns from your congregation… during your devotion.
* Or a Mountain Pastor visiting to say thank you with eyes ready to flow over. Why? 2 families are living in the church building for refuge after a hurricane…A church that you helped build.
* Or giving food to a needy family and the child says thank you first...
*Or giving thanks for prayer in tears that move a hurricane.
*Or dropping 7 abused and abandonded children off at a Christian school and each one stops to give a hug and “I love you papi” as they exit...
And it is only 8am.
Do you want to die working your job like I do or... retire?

Truth be told you cannot measure things of infinite value this side of Heaven…

Welcome to Honduras Sept 6th, 2007.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Thank you for your effectual prayer. The LORD heard the voice of His people and the storm did much less than any were bracing for. A lot of people were in fear here with some leaving this neighborhood, because all remember this area during Mitch. The LORD was in control and gave us a calm of spirit and we never needed to. I even told Carlos and our landlord who offered his truck, we will not need to evacuate this time. If the Lord had given us anxiety about it all we would have done so in a heartbeat. There were at least 11 lost due to this storm close to the landfall on the northern coast. That’s much less than the 11,000 dead plus 8,000 missing during the last cat 5 storm to hit here. We will continue to watch the river, but now it is not expected it to crest above the limits.
What did the children do during the storm?….Read the books Lisa mailed. The worse thing now is prices of things will go up for a while, but we weathered the storm fine. Lisa is due back in a week, and Sasha is in college. AAmen.
Isaiah 4:6
And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain.
Thank you all again,
Barry Ritchie
Honduras Missions, Children’s Lighthouse
PO Box 51
Choluteca, Honduras
PH 603-397-0606

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Thank you all, We may be without communication for a while this week. Hurricane Felix is expected our direction. At the minimum we will get a lot of rain and lose communications…at the worse is could be like Mitch in 98. Honduras is still rebuilding from it. The house we live in was 6 feet underwater…Could use a few prayers, a cat 5 storm in a central American country is not good news even is it skims by. We also have papers to visit the police on Tue about the child getting hurt…In the midst of the storm…Lisa is due back in 10 days. Still no news on the church property…if it floods again the price might go down… :) Other than that things are great. I will be blog posting more when Lisa returns and things “normalize” a little.

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Playing Mr. Mom for the last couple of weeks has left little time to do other things. But the LORD has rewarded with some heartwarming moments. In the capital after dropping Lisa and Sasha at the airport we (all the children an me) stopped in at a bookstore. The children wanted several items but one was a children’s Bible Devotional. Alba and Jenny have been reading it to the family nightly before prayer and bed time since…This is a reward from the LORD. Sayder got into trouble last week in school and a note was sent home telling us about it and explaining he needed a reading book. Prior to this year Sayder had never been to school(2 years late) could not recognize letters or numbers ect. Today he came up sat behind me with his new book and began to sound out all the words…and actually read and understand the story…It was another reward from the LORD. In ministry one sometimes wonders “Am I doing what the LORD wants?” Then the affirmative hug and I love you for a child sneaking up behind you while you work, or a chorus of “thank you for the food papi” Even though Barry Jr actually cooked it…(yet another moment.). Even asking the 3 and 4 year old Eric and Christian, "Who ate the coolaid powder?" And both quickly point toward each other with red tongues and mouths covered in red powder.... The LORD has a way of confirming our hearts in deed and in truth... Kids give many a sermon illustration that often speak more truth about adults than the kids...

Unworthy to be this blessed,

Monday, August 13, 2007

Time to think Christmas...no really!

Hello to all our praying friends,

Lisa and Sasha are in the USA. As of today are flying into Ohio. Barry Jr has been cooking since Lisa left, doing better than expected. The military MREs left by the doctors work great... just kidding... ok sort of. Alba and Jenny are helping more with laundry, kids ect. The girls helped Ermita teach Lisa’s Sunday school class and did a good job.

Time is going to run out if your not thinking about this now……Christmas! No really. Paul Deem from Direct Line Ministries is sending us a container to be filled with 1000 Christmas shoe boxes for children. He needs your church's help by a deadline. All that is needed is a shoebox sized container filled with items like on his website, (Toys, Bibles, hygiene items school supplies ect) Then mail it to Coolville Oh with $4 inside to cover shipping of container. It is an inexpensive way to get a whole church involved in a missions project and the rewards are great! His ministry link for more info is:
Shipping Container for Honduras for CHRISTMAS
Click here to go to Pauls site

He can also take other donations for our ministry large or small to ship in the container; there is a wish list on web his site. I have traveled with Paul Deem to Mexico on one of his deliveries a few years ago. I can tell you from first hand, both on the giving and receiving end of his ministry. He and his ministry have a heart after God and are profitable for the LORD's work. I would highly recommend them to visit your church and allow them to share their blessings and heavenly treasure.

Our church property deal went well this morning... for a few moments anyway. The “real” owner agreed to a price then we went to a lawyer to write up the papers only to find his power of attorney from a part owner(sister) …isn’t. Problem is she lives near Los Angeles, Calif, is 69 years old and doesnt drive in LA and no one seem to know her telephone. Could it get anymore complicated? In Honduras it just might.

Paul Deems Info For Christmas Shoe Boxes or?:
E-mail directlineministry@ohiohills.com
Web Site www.directlineministry.com
Phone(740) 667-6166
Office(740) 667-0045
Home (Paul Deem)(740) 236-1619
Home Address Missionary Paul Deem 28940 Torch Rd.Coolville, Ohio 45723
Support Address DirectLine Ministry P. O. Box 453 Little Hocking, Ohio 45742
Sending Church Friendship Baptist Church 1094 Clement Ave. Belpre, Ohio 45714
Pastor Vernon Snell

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Looking for the rainbow...

….As some of you know we lost a container of supplies a while back due to flooding in NH prior to shipping. Yesterday the city water finally was fixed and we are suppose to have water to our house now, first time in almost a year. During the rains last night Lisa awoke to put out buckets to catch water from our leaky roof. But water was everywhere not only leaking from the roof but bubbling from the floors. The new city supply of water ruptured the lines under the house and flooded where the food was stored for the feeding center. Over 20,000 lbs of dried food must be moved gone through and the floor taken up to fix it…With Lisa and Sasha leaving tomorrow no time to do so…

The baby girl that was born while the doctors were, here passed away yesterday. Baby Kenya(after the Doctor) was in a difficult fight from the beginning. Mom was very diabetic(unmonitored) and the baby was in its 10th month pregnancy on the mountain when we rushed mom down. The Hospital did not do what the Doctors requested and stressed the baby even more and then all the hospital workers went on strike. In the end baby Kenya was not strong enough to fight her battle… Welcome to Honduras

Monday, August 06, 2007

Smiles speak volumes

The first batch of medicines taken to Los Tererros Clininc. Enemesio was happy to deliver them. Nurse Suyapa has more than just comforting words to give to folks. On the return trip Enemesio was in tears, telling in detail of some who have recently come to Christ. The ministry continues....

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Property and Medicine

Lisa and Sasha picked up a pallet of medications from MAP international in the Capital. It was enough to cause them to be searched on the return trip at one of the police checkpoints but all papers were in order. We are now sorting them for distribution in the mountain clinics. Our names are in the local news here, but not by choice. A local TV reporter was interviewing the hospital director about the stolen medications the ORH team donated to them last week. They actually began arguing on camera when the reporter asked,"Why would they (us) want to donate anything else to thieves?" They had to cut filming a few moments later. BTW Hospital workers stole all the medications donated last week through the medical team that visited. Welcome to Honduras…

Sasha and Lisa leave next Thursday for the USA. Sasha is college bound. We are still in need of churches to visit that will let Lisa present the ministry. We are in great need of more support with many mouths to feed. I know of no other full time American missionary doing more with less….If there is please put me in contact with them to learn how. amen.

The property we are trying to aquire for the church has turned into a mess. The adjacent property owner lives in Mexico. She married a Columbian man who showed up a few days ago, tore down one of the buildings on the property we want to buy, and began putting up a fence there... now we need prayer, for a court battle may ensue. All delaying our plans. Not having a location to meet in for church makes it very difficult. Add to that, live in a house/orphanage with the food for a feeding center without a place to get it started….

Wednesday night’s message in our carport was on the 10 lepers. I handed out candy to the congregation prior to preaching and only 10% said thank you…they then became the illustration. A first time visitor sat attentive with her children, after she came forward for salvation…Amen!
Still looking for the last one before the trumpet sounds.

Unworthy servant to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour,

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Operation Renewed Hope

The ORH team is now gone. A very tiring week but all will sleep well. Much was done for the glory of the LORD. The doctors, workers, and evangelist teams worked hard through very difficult conditions. More than 1000 people were seen and helped. Even more sat under good preaching. They were shown the LOVE of Christ in Word and in Deed. Pastors if you want to send your folks on an adventure for the LORD that will send them home, worn out, tired, broken, contrite and willing to serve the LORD….call ORH. This team had folks from Panama, Mexico, Honduras and the USA. Our Church, Our Family, Our mission, and our people want to thank each of you for coming and sharing in our burden and glorifying Christ.
ORH Has a online picture slide show at: www.teamORH.com

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour

Jan Milton

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just the Facts

Just the info as I know it for now, more detail to follow as time allows.
Los Tererros 2 day total 169 decisions for Christ 247 in services
Agua Calente 2 day total 140 decisions for Christ 320 in Services
Whensawe Center almost 200 decisions for Christ with more than 4oo in services
La Cruz 2 day 60 decisions for Christ with 220 visiting doctors
That is more than 500 souls making professions of faith...amen!
OTHER Tid bits
1 distressed baby born...would have died
4 or more rushed off the mountain to Hospital
Treated all sorts of ailments from simple to deadly...
Several surgerys, hundreds of teeth pulled, Our Churches dentist(Ermita) may go on a future trip with ORH
Many touched by Christ Ministering Saints...."LORD, When Saw We Thee" AMEN!

I have seen many a ministry, ORH is without a doubt one of the best, most effective ministries I have ever seen by obeying the Bible in deed and in truth.....

Monday, July 23, 2007

First Church Service in Los Tererros

The plowing, planting, and watering has gone on for months.... then comes a harvest amen!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Since the Plane Arrived

Since the plane arrived….busy. The Operation Renewed hope team has begun to arrive in waves from the USA and several Latin American countries…44 team members. The advanced team of 4 came from Fla to help prep for the evangelism and medical clinics. They arrive in a private plane in Choluteca. I got phone calls as the plane circled the city looking where to land. (It’s the first plane we have seen here in 2 years). We unloaded medicines and glasses and got them bedded down for and early start. The next day I did not want to go to Los Tererros empty, so we stopped and had them load 2 meters of gravel to finish the entrance of the church. Installed a battery light system on the church and add the solar panel later as time allows. Map out and plan the location then move to the next mountain and plan some more. Cutting fields, making ways to carry everything up the mountain, getting all the supplies, make a wood stove for Lisa to feed 60 people per day, and so on has really been a chore but the end result will be glory for Christ and lives changed for eternity. Pastor Ramon had a member very sick and asked Dr Waller to visit him Thurs morning. Everyone said the 28 year old man had cancer, but Dr Waller felt he was late stage Aids. He died that afternoon and the preaching service was at his home that evening.

The entire team will be here Saturday. We need a lot of prayer for this week……