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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Day of Rest

A day of rest…When your spirit is at rest all of you gets rested Amen...

Sunday was one of those days you wish you could have everyday. One where from the first moment awake, the LORD showed his presence. Everything just falling into place.

The children awoke with a sweeter than normal spirit and gave double hugs and good mornings, with a desire to help. The weather was near perfect 80, sunny and a slight breeze. We shuttled out food, chairs, pulpit, bounce house and 76 La Cruz Baptist Church people to the new Children’s Lighthouse property for church services and a day of fun, fellowship and relaxation. Lisa prepped 7 gallons of turkey soup on the home made stove and pot, Barry Jr. had installed the tire swing on a tree. Families played, walked, explored the land, picked fruit, relaxed and bonded with no pressures of life for a moment. Bro Sabas preached a stirring message, several volunteered to sing specials. All open air under the big tree in the “Garden of Eden”.

One lady in our congregation is not the best at watching her young children, here it did not matter for there was always someone like Alba ready to sweep them up in her arms and play with them. Families kicking the soccer ball around on the lower field, Families throwing a ball around in the fruit trees, children in the tire swing, boys exploring the “unchartered” woods, children exploring the old stick bridge. Some just taking the time to sit in the grass (a rare thing here) and talk. The sound of laughter and joyous voices filled the air. Ending with a time for the little ones in the bounce house.

Sleep came quick and easy after prayer Sunday night…The question I ask often to those around me…Was Jesus pleased in this? On this day it was a resounding “yes”. Then nothing else matters because our joy is a side effect of his good pleasure…Amen!

Thank you for your prayers.

Many things on the near horizon.

*Container will be here soon.
*Children’s Lighthouse construction planned for January. Many needs in this that we do not know how they will happen just the need is there. Mower, backhoe, blocks, cement, wood, fixtures, laborers, wellpump, electrical, plumbing, ect.

*The monthly expenses just to “dress and keep” the property is about $200

*Need 300 more roof tiles for pastor Santos to finish the SS class roof

*New work in Colonia…long list in previous post.

*Property needed for La Cruz Baptist Church…Really need the LORD to intervene.