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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Garden of Eden now has thorns...

There were men here visiting and considering helping get the Children’s Lighthouse off the ground. After seeing the LORD’s work on a whirlwind tour that left all tired and sore they offered to help build the first building to house children on the new property. Now to draw up plans now that we have a budget that is not “0”. Amen!

As for the new property, always a roadblock in Honduras. The Spirit told me to have it surveyed before we purchased…Not done often here. We found he had sold part of it off and it was 1/3 smaller than he claimed. It broke the deal when he would not adjust price ect. So we went looking elsewhere. Looked at several properties in the last week. All much less per acre but all more acres than we can afford. One took the entire afternoon to go see. Up a rough back mountain road for 2 hours then we got near it and the owner said its just another 30 minutes walk and your truck cant make it along the cliff path...uh I dont think we are interested. Being from Alaska I like remote, but carrying in blocks, cement and food on your shoulders for 30 minutes from now till the rapture does not seem like an effective way to build or run an orphanage... Another One was was the most beautiful by far with a view over the Choluteca delta and a view to the ocean 50 mile away. Water year round, 160 acres for $120,000....but that is $40,000 more than we can do. Its not like the USA where you have all the info before you get there, You just know of someone selling and you must go find them to talk and find out what. Another one was huge, as we talked we found it was 518 acres...with cattle but the cheapest per acre by far. What a deal only $190,000...eyowza, but that’s only $367 per acre.
The men visiting committed to helping start the Children's Lighthouse with $25,000 to go toward a building project starting in Jan. We are meeting with the first property owner today, to have another survey done with "his wife's" property added into it. He called 3-5 times on the day we went looking at other property. Not comfortable in dealing with him but it is the property the children like & Lisa likes... And it is the area most in need of a church/ministry/outreach...that trumps all else. The additional property surveyed yesterday is 4.5 hectares more (he was 3.88 short). It is now 31.9 acres. I took the children and played with them for several hours there, that more than anything else made up my mind. To watch them run, play, laugh, gave joy to my heart. It may have changed the owners mind as well. The owner agreed to give it all for no additional moneys and agree to pay all the fees for land paper transfer (About $3000)...That was my dew on the pelt. I had told Carlos before hand that if he just gave it and we had no more expenses, We would buy it. I asked the children, Lisa, Carlos, Luz, Guytan, and a few others and all said we should buy the "Garden of Eden" (I thought jokingly back from Satan but never voiced it out loud)...Soo we should close this week. Some of the fruit trees have been grafted there and produce several kinds of fruit on the same tree...kinda neat. Lemons with grapefruit ect.

Guytan(The arc/builder/Forman) Sat down Saturday and we discussed how to spend the 25,000 that has been promised in a way pleasing to the LORD and most useful for his work. We discussed numerous options, but kept returning to the original plan as most the effective and useful for all the future ministry there. The original structure idea was a large 60'x100' 2 story U shape, with Living on top; ministry, schooling and feeding kitchen below, but was $105,000, way over budget when he crunched the numbers. So we will only build the bottom of the "U" part. After he checks numbers it will be 45-60’ x 24’. He thinks we can build in stages, and finish stage 1 enough to live in with the 25, but needs to draw it all out and verify pricing for the 2nd floor steel/concrete floor(The budget breaker). The Idea is to build it in such a way that it is finished, yet future add ons do not require modifications of the building just expansion. I have worked with him before and he is very accurate on his plans and budget and has it well thought out. Then as we grow each additional stage will be about $10,000 for every 4 additional children completing the legs of the "U" in about 7 stages as needed. It will be difficult, we will have to watch every penny to do it and acquire a little extra help along the way but doable. A backhoe is going to be a real necessity though. Plus we will need support for each child we take in. The idea is it will grow as we grow...Pastor Santos wants to talk to us about 3 more orphaned boys all under 10 in his ministry…the need is there…..

Other news fronts
We have a meeting about the possible donated church property in Colonia on Monday and Bro Sabas is planning the first "church" meeting Tuesday in a home we stopped at Thursday. World Vision helped built the village and still holds the final say on what can be built there so the meeting is with their rep...Even if it is no the family living just outside the area we visited wants us to start it there...So.. a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. If all goes well in 6 months we may need to build another $7000 church building like in Los Tererros...Amen!

Also delivered tiles(Just so happens donated by World Vision) to Los Terreros. Some supplies and food to Lenaca while the men were here. They said in all their travels in Africa, S America we have the prize for the worst road anywhere, They concluded they had finally gone to the uttermost parts of the earth. The little truck beat them to death, it is now overdue for tires
A backhoe is needful on many fronts when the LORD opens that door.

The child service Lawyer Sabastiana has begun coming to our church under the tent. So far to 2 services and asked to be picked up for next week, with the children in her house... All I know is the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Last news

A container of Christmas shoeboxes is shipping tomorrow from Ohio! We should see it before Christmas! Amen! Thank you for those who participated in this. You will see photos posted as they are given out in the LOVE OF CHRIST.

Still desperatly need property for La Cruz Baptist as well....Lots of Irons in the fire, and a real possibility of 5 churches planted and a orphanage built in 3 years... Only God.....

Thank You For your effectual prayers
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour