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Monday, October 01, 2007

Bible Day - A National Holiday

Bible Day!
The church decided to celebrate Bible day this year by simply obeying it… “GO”. The Idea was to have invitation an hour before services and walk the neighborhood inviting folks to come. “Compel them to come in” Lisa and the kids made 50 attractive gift baskets for the church to use as invitations. My idea, as a guy, was just functional-- hand out rice and beans fill a need. Lisa took the idea and added a woman’s touch and made very nice gift baskets; Filled with corn, beans, rice, salt, soap, John & Romans, tracts, hot sauce, spices, candy and a personal invitation to church, all in a pretty bowl tied with a bow. It allowed the church folks to participate in the joy of giving, for most it was the first time visiting, and showing the love of Christ to the neighborhood. Results? 50 went out 2 by 2 and more than 100 came in. It was great, many new faces and some we had not seen in some time. Lisa stealthily snapped a photo of Omar witnessing; the children were spontaneously singing hymns in the streets with tambourines and maracas, and the teens handed out over 400 J/Romans. We are now completely out of whole Bibles…I need to get more. The taxi driver (who hit a child last week) and his entire family showed up and helped. He promises to be back. Carlos preached a message that was strong and pointed. Afterwards everyone was hot and in need of water, so little bags of cold water were given out...of course the kids know how to turn them into make shift water shooting toys. What they seem to forget is the adults do to. Whether they drank it or wore it it gave God glory. As a preacher you could not ask for sweeter day with a sweeter spirit… till the trumpet sounds….

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,