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Monday, August 13, 2007

Time to think Christmas...no really!

Hello to all our praying friends,

Lisa and Sasha are in the USA. As of today are flying into Ohio. Barry Jr has been cooking since Lisa left, doing better than expected. The military MREs left by the doctors work great... just kidding... ok sort of. Alba and Jenny are helping more with laundry, kids ect. The girls helped Ermita teach Lisa’s Sunday school class and did a good job.

Time is going to run out if your not thinking about this now……Christmas! No really. Paul Deem from Direct Line Ministries is sending us a container to be filled with 1000 Christmas shoe boxes for children. He needs your church's help by a deadline. All that is needed is a shoebox sized container filled with items like on his website, (Toys, Bibles, hygiene items school supplies ect) Then mail it to Coolville Oh with $4 inside to cover shipping of container. It is an inexpensive way to get a whole church involved in a missions project and the rewards are great! His ministry link for more info is:
Shipping Container for Honduras for CHRISTMAS
Click here to go to Pauls site

He can also take other donations for our ministry large or small to ship in the container; there is a wish list on web his site. I have traveled with Paul Deem to Mexico on one of his deliveries a few years ago. I can tell you from first hand, both on the giving and receiving end of his ministry. He and his ministry have a heart after God and are profitable for the LORD's work. I would highly recommend them to visit your church and allow them to share their blessings and heavenly treasure.

Our church property deal went well this morning... for a few moments anyway. The “real” owner agreed to a price then we went to a lawyer to write up the papers only to find his power of attorney from a part owner(sister) …isn’t. Problem is she lives near Los Angeles, Calif, is 69 years old and doesnt drive in LA and no one seem to know her telephone. Could it get anymore complicated? In Honduras it just might.

Paul Deems Info For Christmas Shoe Boxes or?:
E-mail directlineministry@ohiohills.com
Web Site www.directlineministry.com
Phone(740) 667-6166
Office(740) 667-0045
Home (Paul Deem)(740) 236-1619
Home Address Missionary Paul Deem 28940 Torch Rd.Coolville, Ohio 45723
Support Address DirectLine Ministry P. O. Box 453 Little Hocking, Ohio 45742
Sending Church Friendship Baptist Church 1094 Clement Ave. Belpre, Ohio 45714
Pastor Vernon Snell