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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Property and Medicine

Lisa and Sasha picked up a pallet of medications from MAP international in the Capital. It was enough to cause them to be searched on the return trip at one of the police checkpoints but all papers were in order. We are now sorting them for distribution in the mountain clinics. Our names are in the local news here, but not by choice. A local TV reporter was interviewing the hospital director about the stolen medications the ORH team donated to them last week. They actually began arguing on camera when the reporter asked,"Why would they (us) want to donate anything else to thieves?" They had to cut filming a few moments later. BTW Hospital workers stole all the medications donated last week through the medical team that visited. Welcome to Honduras…

Sasha and Lisa leave next Thursday for the USA. Sasha is college bound. We are still in need of churches to visit that will let Lisa present the ministry. We are in great need of more support with many mouths to feed. I know of no other full time American missionary doing more with less….If there is please put me in contact with them to learn how. amen.

The property we are trying to aquire for the church has turned into a mess. The adjacent property owner lives in Mexico. She married a Columbian man who showed up a few days ago, tore down one of the buildings on the property we want to buy, and began putting up a fence there... now we need prayer, for a court battle may ensue. All delaying our plans. Not having a location to meet in for church makes it very difficult. Add to that, live in a house/orphanage with the food for a feeding center without a place to get it started….

Wednesday night’s message in our carport was on the 10 lepers. I handed out candy to the congregation prior to preaching and only 10% said thank you…they then became the illustration. A first time visitor sat attentive with her children, after she came forward for salvation…Amen!
Still looking for the last one before the trumpet sounds.

Unworthy servant to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour,