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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pictures Say It Best

The Church in Los Tererros has a floor thanks to a bunch of helpers sent by the Spirit of the LORD! Many hands make light work as they say. The church building is almost done just a few more things to finish. It only needs help 3 areas to complete it.
Cement for front Steps and baptismal...

About $500
Doors and windows...about $600

After inventoring the wood left over we are about $300 shy for the roof. If anyone is led to help in any way please let us know. We have tapped all we had to get to this point and are within sight of the finish line. Our goal is to have it completed for the medical team in only 3 weeks...eek.


to those who helped us acquire the new truck. It has REALLY been worked and used for the LORD. It has hauled at least 100 tons up the mountain. On a trip yesterday we solidified the name for it…Garobo, the local name for mountain lizard. One of the volunteers was amazed how it climbed up a steep rock like a lizard and never spun a tire. At the time it was carrying 4000lbs of sand, 800 lbs cement and 6 men, and 5 local “hitchhikers” needing a ride up the mountain with their supplies bought in the city….It serves daily as a school bus for the Children’s Lighthouse, has been an ambulance on several occasions, hauled Bibles and evangelistic outreach equipment, it’s a pulpit, it hauls 2200lbs of water at a time, building materials, lumber, rock, it rarely makes an empty trip someplace and has more hours in 4wd than not. I can think of no greater service for it than to wear it out in service for the LORD…amen. Believe it or not the plan is to run it 20 years…..If it helped build 1 church a year…that’s 20 churches!

We needed to clear out space in the house to live and work when the doctors arrive, so Carlos volunteered to share in our space problem and store Bibles we have left. On the way over we chose to stop at the hospital and share a few...thousand. Amen!

PS Yes that is where the kids rode to keep the Bibles from falling off. It's ok it's legal, I was wearing my seatbelt as we drove by the police departmaent... Sasha wanted a Honduran Drivers licence before heading off to college, so she stopped in the police department to buy one. Sign here, pay here and give them a photo and presto your a honduran driver. No exam, no driving test nothing... (She has never driven before) This now explains alot.... Welcome to Honduras...

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie