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Friday, June 08, 2007

Sword & Trowel

Sword and Trowel
Building walls and defending against attack…modern day version.
Wednesday night in church service, Carlos was getting sick during the preaching. By the time he got home his blood sugar hit 420 and was complaining of strong stomach pain. His wife Luz called in a panic and Omar and I went to take him to the hospital. He had taken his medication so the sugar level had gone down a little but he would not go to the hospital. He promised to see a doctor in the morning. So we left and Omar would check on him later. Barry Jr, Enemesio and I returned to work on the mountain church. About 5 pm Teo, our highest skilled laborer, blacked out and fell hitting his head on a rock, began vomiting and was incoherent. No one even saw him for a few minutes because he was working on the other side of the wall of the church. We rushed him down the mountain to the pay hospital, none felt it was wise to wait on the socialized care hospital. In route I got a panic call about Carlos and told them to take him to the same hospital and I would cover the costs. (Jesus said “the laboror is worthy of his hire”) You must pay as you go here no billing. (ie…you want this exam, medication, or diagnosis…pay first) Family, church and friends came to offer support and prayer. Both men in beds side by side on IV drips being monitored. The “good” pay hospital had no working blood sugar tester. Carlos’ tester had just quit and they felt he might have gallbladder attack too, but the sonogram also did not work. After a few hours of multiple meds, both men we better and released to return for testing later. Teo may have had a stroke, but was severely malnourished as well. The hard work in the rain for the last 2 weeks did not help. Carlos as a diabetic, polio victim living in a 3rd world country does not have the resources to monitor his blood as he should (Nor does he eat right). This morning it was confirmed he has gallbladder issues. Men and equipment often work beyond their limits in Honduras. While Carlos and his wife were in a store today for a few minutes, buying medication and waiting for results…someone stole his cars distributor. We went and used a tie down strap to tow it home. Welcome to Honduras….
Tonight he was given an emergency prescription for surgery and is fearful in this system. We need prayers for him. Once they get the sugar under control they will operate Sunday...