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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We have a truck !

The Turners are here visiting to see what the LORD has for them in life. They are a 50 something couple willing to surrender to full time ministry, possibly in a 3rd world area. In just the first few limited days here their eyes have been opened to the differences in poverty, spiritual wickedness and love here compared to the USA. The same day the Turners arrived, Neidi came to stay with us for protection. Not sure if it will be a day, a week or years at this point as she begins to share her thoughts and fears and we work with her mom. Monday morning in prayer, Neidi shared the man in her home had raped her on several occasions, and he was not always drunk. She needs prayer as her mom looks for a safe place to live and work to support 3 children. Her mom cannot read or write so it will be hard. I would love to hire her to help in a feeding kitchen but for now that dream seems a long ways off, we do not even have a church property in the city yet and the need is now.

On Sunday we had 102 people show up for church under the tent in 97 degree heat. It is suppose to get to 106 degrees or higher this weekend. Not sure how much longer the tent will hold up as it has begun tearing at most stress points as the sun dries it out. Pray the door for property opens soon. The need is very great.

A Major praise and burden lifted!!!
We have a NEW 4x4 Kia diesel truck. The LORD provided the funds. A ministering saint called up and said how much more do you need to buy a truck? If you had the funds when would you buy one? Uh?…Tomorrow….Then go buy one we will pay the $9000+ balance. AMEN! We called the dealer and there was only one left in country till the next boat arrives and its now in our possession for our masters use…AAAMen! We hopped a bus to the capital and it was picked up Monday night and driving back down arriving home at 10:30pm. What do you do the first day you get a new vehicle? Get it dirty.... and climb a mountain and visit Los Tererros with Pastor Enemesio do visitation, visit school children, hand out candy and tracts, and check out the progress on the leveling of the land…finished and read for a foundation. Now we have a truck to bring up materials… God’s timing is perfect.

There are 2 major praises attached to this as well that affect other ministries in the USA. I would love to share them, but to honor the request for anonymity it is hard to share it all. Our LORD knows. Lets just say the folks that sacrificed in giving toward the vehicle…did just that, sacrificed and it had a ripple effect for glory and serventhood. We do see God’s hand in it all and it is wonderful.

There is a need to do some modifications yet to the truck so pray for this as well. (cage/ rack, seats in back and change the tires to off road type ect). All this makes it even more multifunctional. The children insisted we use the new truck on the first day to take them to school instead of stacking 15 kids in Carlo’s 4 passenger taxi….Kinda hard to deny them that.
Thank you LORD for the hearts you placed in your servants. Please bless them as they have blessed us!

Unworthy Servants to a Worthy LORD and Saviour
The Ritchies