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Friday, March 09, 2007

Bibles and Blessing !

I have been pondering what to say about this week on the blog. We have put much information out of a negative sort as late, by email and blog, always in need of prayer. And this week started no different. It will suffice to say it got much worse Sunday to the point of endangering the family, before it got better. If the LORD urges you to pray for this and you want details, please call me at 603-397-0606(USA internet line) and I will gladly share it with you to pray….we do need it.

But much has also happened to rejoice about.
1st-A Church.
Some men in the USA committed to come and help Enemesio build a church building on the mountain. If anyone is led to help and pray in some way, please do. The goal is to have a working structure before the Doctors arrive in July.

2nd-The scriptures arrived!
Bibles, J/R, Tracts ect. Much of the church showed up to help unload it. And we distributed 4-6000 J/R before the truck even left. The pictures speak volumes. Typical for Honduras; As the truck was leaving to deliver, we got a call..."We need $371 more dollars for fees or we cannot deliver it." (interpreted "We just learned your American"). We went to the bank and got what we were able, borrowed from Carlos, paid and got it here. AMEN!

3rd- Our Resident Visas arrived!
I shared with our congregation Wednesday about Enemesio, and got amens. Shared about the bibles, got amens, smiles and volunteers. Shared about our visas and that we were permanent Hondurans now. And they began to clap, cheer, smile and say amen over and over…it choked us up for I never saw it coming. Carlos joking said we could only return to the USA if we hired a coyote and swam the Rio Grand and everyone laughed. The church services of late have been sweet, humbling and many are beginning to grow. Pray this continues. It still amazes me God is willing to flow his perfect water of life through my decrepit dirty pipes…But God has chosen the simple to confound the wise. I would rather wash the dirty feet of our poor congregation with little to show, than live in the richest mansion in the USA…

We are still working on getting the President of Honduras to authorized the US military to bring in 6 or more trucks loads of medical supplies donated for the local hospital. This needs prayer for if you closely watch the news our current president here is a friend of Noriega (Former Dictator now new Pres of Nicaragua(Iran/Contra war) and Chavez of Venezuela). And is beginning to follow their advice and turn against the US. Need prayers on many fronts.

Pressing Needs
*Church Property in City.. We desperately need a place to meet.
*Support. A few churches are discussing taking us on even though we have never visited them soley by the recommendation of members, friends, and other pastors. This we truly need for our travel is limited with 10 children we cannot leave Honduras with. Nor do I think it wise to leave Lisa here alone.
*Housing/orphanage…The children need a safe larger environment. After the past Sunday, even more evident.

Unworthy servants to a Worthy Saviour
The Ritchies