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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jenny's Update & Prayer Requests

Update about Jenny’s court date.
Jenny froze up on the physiologist again, we expected it. Last week he interviewed the mother and now feels they should not meet. He also met her older sister who is also a prostitute. This is the best outcome we could get under the conditions. Jenny is happy and feels a great burden is off...for now. So do the rest of the kids. One concern though is that after the interview with the court psychologist, the mother now knows where she is in school (so much for discretion) and a man Jenny recognized as one of her mom’s “friends” showed up yesterday outside the school gates selling candy at lunch and called to her… For those that don’t know Jenny was abducted last year from a different school in a similar way. I will be going to the school today to take pictures of him and confront him directly.

Other Prayer requests:
*Support. We lost a church supporter yesterday.. We gained one as well but still no net gain.
*La Cruz Baptist Church needs place to meet. Need to buy property, rent or?
*Planning a larger outreach March 10th in Los Terreros for souls and church planting
*Working on paperwork to receive a large medical donation for the city.
*Need a vehicle…
*More souls, safety, health and provision…

Here is a link to Operation Renewed Hope. Dr Waller works with them and they are planning to return in July. Click on it to see them and photos from January or sign up to help!

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