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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bump bump bump up the mountian

The week with the Wallers is drawing to a close and everyone is tired, sore, but well spent for the LORD. We took Dr Waller and his wife to 3 villages; Corpus, Los Terreros and Agua Caliente all in one day with the vintage military 4x4 the gold mine loaned us for the day. Few vehicles could accomplish that. The good Doctor made a few house calls and scouted for a medical team to come down in July. In all we saw 20 souls ask Christ to save them this week. All were adults, including Adam, our unimog driver from the mine. After we were done he confided he had been praying for 2 months for this. Amen! We also saw the church property on the mountain purchased back in February. For $3-5000 a church building could be built there, and the newborn church would blossom and have a place for the medical team to come and work. Sin abounds everywhere, one boy was burned for discipline (Dr Waller said he will lose movment of fingers) another had accident with a machete, many with parasites and hunger... the list goes on

LORD, When Saw We Thee?

Unworthy but willing
Barry Ritchie

"The lowest station in the Lord's house is better than the highest position among the godless. To bear burdens and open doors for the Lord is more honor than to reign among the wicked. Every man has his choice, and this is ours. God's worst is better than the devil's best."
— Charles H. Spurgeon