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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Adventure Continues In Honduras

Iris 8 and Bessy 5 are now here! The surprise call came about 1pm from child services. After the meeting in November we thought that door closed and went on. Come to find out, the Judge was fed up and terminated working with the family when the parents said they do not want the children nor do relatives. It breaks your heart but the Bible says in the last days people will be without natural affection, here it is first hand. The authorities dropped them off about 2pm (We do not have a working vehicle yet ) The girls arrived scared, sick, without anything, so Lisa took them to the market and picked up a few items, medicine, shoes, under garments ect. Lots of healing to do and these girls, unlike the rest, do not fully understand why they are here or the danger they were in.(The mother tried to sell them to men but was caught). The children here welcomed them in as sisters, which helps greatly. We talked with them all before they arrived. When I asked Alba if she would mind a couple of more sisters, she said “great, I want 1000”. Whoa... gotta draw the line somewhere. It’s going to be hard enough to supply the needs for the 14 in our house now… Need a few more prayers and a few more answers to prayer.

The photo is of our children watching a tape and eating popcorn, just before bed this evening. After this day, a time of bonding and laughter was greatly needed, and provided… Amen. Thank You LORD.

Adding to the confusion of the day. At suppertime many people gathered outside our house. About 200 feet down the street one of the local drunks apparently overdosed and died in the street and was almost hit by a taxi. His name was Homer, he fathered a 7yr old little girl Carolina in Lisa’s SS class.(neither parent attends) She was crying at our door alone when we looked out. I told Sasha to get a stuffed animal to give her and pray with her. It was a bitter sweet time for Sasha, She is truly learning how to minister. Carolina’s mom and sisters jumped into a taxi to follow Homer to the Hospital and left her alone. One of our church ladies came and offered to take her till the mom came back.

One more note; Our oldest daughter Corinna had a baby boy Jan 5th named James Thomas Gwynn, That makes us grandparents…again.

Thank you All
Unworthy Servants to a Worthy Saviour,
The Ritchie 14
Barry, Lisa, Sasha, Barry Jr. Alba, Jeny, Toño, Julie, Iris, Sayder, Karen, Bessy, Christian, Ericson…..