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Monday, December 11, 2006

Church Discipline 2?

Another Sunday has passed. Preached about the magi and knowing the times and the seasons we’re in. One family(we baptized the sister and niece a short time ago) had asked us to come by on Friday but it was postponed until after church on Sunday. This family asked us to visit with their 16 and 18 year old daughters who do not attend church. An hour after we arrived, Piola the 16 year old accepted Christ in humility, but her older sister has a much harder heart. After much talking I believe she is in a relationship, but the mother was hovering and we could get no clear answers. She accepted our offer of lunch on Monday and is going out with Lisa and me to talk.

Carlos, me and Alex left Piolas home, walked around the block to find a situation on the home front as well. Barry Jr had opened our big gate as a toddled was putting their arm through the bars and almost broke it. Thankfully the toddler only received bruises, but her 11 year old sister Lesley(the only family member to come to church faithfully) who was watching her, started getting beat with a strap on her head, face and back by her angry 25 year old sister who chased them home, yelling all kinds of profanity. Sasha followed them all the way home, right into their house and told the 25 yr old and the mother this was an accident and their kind of discipline was wrong. With Lesly curled up on the dirt floor shaking in fear, Sasha took the strap away from them before another swing was made. (like father, like daughter… amen.) Sasha ran back to Lisa with tears saying something had to be done. Carlos’ wife Luz returned to the house with Sasha attempting to explain discipline better and was talking when we arrived. I did not say all that went though my mind and the Holy Spirit bridled my tongue. What little I said only reinforced what Sasha and Luz had said, but all knew I was not pleased, nor was the LORD. I let them know what we see, in that Lesley is one of the sweetest kids in the neighborhood with a big heart; and this type of abuse will drive her away.
Alba and Jeny watched all this unfold, Alba even followed Sasha to the home, and it hit a chord in them. I received very tight and long hugs, with I love you's before they went to bed...And the girls seem to listen to Sasha a little more. Amen!

As I write this it is just now 9pm Sunday and we got word Mariana passed away. She has come off and on to church since we started as her health would allow. Family says she had a tumor but all indications are that she had aids. The church has helped her with food and medicine as needed, we even sent someone to the Tegucigupla when she was in the hospital to care for her needs. The sad thing is she had no testimony of salvation. The offer was made at every meeting but never taken. Not sure what tomorrow will bring but Carlos is dropping off cakes, coffee and sugar for the funeral/wake, that is traditional here. She will be buried within 24 hours in a box made of paneling. The family will dig the grave in the city cemetery, we offered to pay for the permit for them to do so.

We continually need your prayers