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Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Choluteca Thanksgiving

Though Honduras does not have a thanksgiving day like the USA. With all the events of late, Lisa felt a need to do something. This past week has been full of surprises. The visa lawyer called Monday night and said you all need to be at immigration in the capital at 8 am Tuesday. She had no idea what this entailed for us on short notice. Four am the next morning all 13 of us loaded into a borrowed isuzu p/u and billowed smoke all the way up the mountain. On top the weather was in the low 50s, very windy, and no one was dressed for it; the children had never felt that cold. Once in Tegu we hired a taxi to lead us to immigration. Enroute, one steep hill the isuzu just did not have the power to climb and we blocked traffic.

With horns blaring, all those able had to get out and push it up the street. At immigration things really fell apart. It seems the laws have changed again our papers were not in order and we had to pay a fine of almost $600, (we were not alone). That was all the money we could get out of the bank which left little to do anything else with. We waited all day in the office with nothing to do for the children or eat. Then time to close and they said the Supervisor will not be in today you must come back tomorrow. We chose to find a hotel but none would allow this many children. Finally 2 hours later we found a (kinda icky) place to rent 3 rooms and sleep. Returning to immigration the next day (in the same clothes) to find they also lost all our photographs. Fix that problem pay everything they asked, they approved our visas and corporation papers but it will be 2 months before they make cards again. So we are legal with papers but not a visa card yet. Change the sparkplugs for the 3rd time on this trip, add 3 qts more oil and 3hours down the mountain back home. Just in time for church with people waiting at our gate.

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Not sure if we would make it back the Holy Spirit gave insight to call Enimensio to preach for me and begin a lesson on soul winning. He did great and the LORD blessed with one mom named Doris asking Jesus to save her…AAMEN!

Lisa worked several days to find what she needed to make a Thanksgiving dinner for the family. That evening Carlos brought Ana Cristina and family by. She was back and looking great. Lisa invited them in, for a true thanksgiving dinner and prayer time that lasted till 11:30pm. We found many had never had this kind of food. Jeny loves turkey but it does not like her. Apparently she is allergic and her lips swelled up. Never the less it was a wonderful time.

Friday morning we received a hand delivered invitation to a meeting with the head of Ihnfa(Child Services) of Honduras (The Presidents of Honduras’ Wife). We arrived and found we were one of the “Honored” guests, 3 tv stations were there filming. It was basically everyone patting each other on the back for the media session. Everyone giving speaches on what they are doing for children. 30 minutes into the 3 hour “event” and all the children present were bored stiff. Something had to be done. Barry Jr and I went back to the house picked up balloons, helium tank, and the small bounce house. Let just say the city knows about Honduras Missions now. In a private meeting later the head of Ihnfa apologized (they offered us free use of their old facility when they move out) it had taken so long on the building but said something would happen soon. The best part was we saw Bessy and Iris for the first time. We did not mingle with them because the judge is still considering the case…that we were told was closed, so we shall see. All things in God’s timing.
If we have enough water Sunday the plan is to baptize Jeny and Alba, both came to me an asked if they could…Amen! If you have not read the blog in a month or so please do, pray and listen to the Holy Spirit. We have many trials ahead….

All filled with Glory for Christ if bathed in prayer.
Thank You all
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy SaviourBarry Ritchie