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Monday, October 23, 2006


Pastor Enmencio working the Mountain village of Los Terreros, led Felix (89 yrs old) to the LORD. The photo is of him in front of his home. Felix has a growth on his nose that we have arranged to have looked at by a doctor, even though any good prognosis is dim. He is a diabetic and cannot afford insulin which is a greater concern. He could use your prayers, but is comforted to know he now has an eternal home. Amen! Another one of the salvation decisions this week was one of our teen girls named Daisy. She came forward after the outreach event and said “I need to be reconciled”. I thought wow that’s a big word; we then sat and she shared she knew God did not like or want her to sin and she knew the penalty because the Holy Spirit has been convicting her. With a soft, humble spirit, she prayed and asked Christ to save her….AAmen! It was music to my spirit not unlike..."What must I do to be saved?"

Two more children received sponsors this week…Blanca and Jeny ...


The Holy Spirit led Lisa to drop off a little food where Alba lives. We quit helping the family a while back for a multitude of reasons (gratitude, attitude, funds, ect) Then Saturday, an unexpected but pleasant visit from Alba and Toñyo. She had dressed up in the clothes given previously, and carried a sweet spirit about her, not seen in some time. It promted us to take them out for ice-cream and a talk. Maybe her spirit has softened; it would really be nice to see this tree bear good fruit. One can only watch and pray.

Prayer requests in brief:
Ana’s Heart, Vehicle, Funds for church property, Sponsors, souls….