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Monday, September 25, 2006

Anyone else have a tract?

Another packed day. Sunday was another holiday in Honduras. I was talked into entering the train into the parade with other churches. I had concerns on several levels but relented and did so. Fully knowing it would be difficult to get the train, plus our church folks, to the other side of town, and it was.
Sunday was the day of our first baptisms, Amen! Also, one adult lady, Suyapa, came forward for salvation, AMEN! This was the priority of the day but the LORD bless all around for a lot of hard work.
First, put the church up, put together the baptismal, order a water truck to fill it, have church and baptisms, break it all now and put it away then set up the train for parade, and move 100+ people to the other side of town; All in about 4 hours. While the crowd was gathering outside our home with the train, a crazy man in a skull mask came up to scare the children. He wouldn’t leave until I buzzed our stun zapper.
We then hooked a truck to the train, loaded with near 100 people, to tow them to the other side of town for the parade. Try and try smoking the clutch, but the truck would not budge it from our dirt street. The train had to be started to get it all rolling. Off we go and arrived about 15 minutes after the last of the parade had left. We tried to catch up but only fell farther behind. In essence, it was a one church, one float parade, that actually was a blessing. The church folks were great handing out thousands of home made tracts. At the center of the route is the large main Catholic church, upon hearing the train, their people came out to take tracts. 2 hours later, about 3 blocks from home, the transmission broke in the train and had to be towed the rest of the way. We rewarded the kids for helping by shooting the candy cannon, and called it a night. Sleep came easy Sunday night. Thank You LORD!