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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Just a brief praise/prayer request. Those who have been able to follow the very first reports from Honduras know about Jenny. She is the 10 year old girl who was put into Lisa's custody by a judge here in Choluteca a year ago. Just a few weeks after arriving, Lisa found Jeny beaten to the point of almost losing her eyesight. Lisa took her to a doctor and then the authorities who placed her in Lisa's care until a court date could be found. The Courts found Jeny had been abandoned by her mother(a prostitute) at age 6 and roamed the streets. She ended up at an aunts house who did not want her and beat her. The judge asked Lisa "can you care for her"..."Yes". "Do you want her"..."yes". (how can you say no?). So thus it began, Lisa received lots of threats to the point nationals here would not go places with her for fear. Until finally Jeny was abducted by force from the public school. Lots of rumors and fears floated around and the police put out arrest warrants for her mom and aunt and search for her for weeks. A deal was later made (not by us) that no charges would be made if she was returned to the area and allowed to eat and be checked daily in a mission feeding center. That was about the time I arrived and made my thoughts known to Jenny’s aunt with the full backing of the authorities. Months passed and we thought things were getting better for a while. But yesterday the authorities found Jeny neglected, beaten and in the streets again. They brought her to child services, child services interviewed her, then asked where she would feel safe...She said Lisa's home. Our friends from Child services then called us. 15 minutes later she was here at the Children's Lighthouse. Since Barry Sr is here, she will not be removed from our care again unless a Judge says so. So now we have a very scared 10 year old girl who has a whole world of learning to do. She came with nothing and does not even know how to shower. But she is already learning she is loved, and is very happy to be here. We need your prayers and if the LORD lays it on your heart to help please do. We need to put her in a private secure Christian school.
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