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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What is a Church?

A lot has happened lately, though meetings with lawyers don’t make for good photo opportunities. After borrowing $3000, plus spending all remaining funds from our bus sale, we should no longer have to exit the country just to have passports stamped. It took all we had but had to be done because the new law requires us to travel to Costa Rica to remain legal here. To do so would have cost near $500 per month. With our current finances that extra burden would take us off the mission field immediately. These situations still weigh on us heavily. The lawyer is also setting up the ministry for imports, taxes ect so we will not have the same problems on future duty free container shipments as we did on the first one. Currently 20 tons of food is being prepared stateside for the new feeding center, plus more in the future, the supplies in NH should be ready soon to ship and an offer for a 20 foot container of scriptures (including shipping to port!) to replace those damaged by flooding in NH shipment. With all our LORD has put before us to do; 2 church starts, Children’s Lighthouse, Whensawe Distribution, Bible Institutes, and a feeding kitchen, the ministry definitely needs more support of all kinds; prayer, laborer, financial.

The Whensawe property nearly has a completed security fence, one wall yet to finish. So far we have mixed by hand on the ground, 200 bags of cement and 10 dump trucks of sand and rocks. The next major tasks are: a 20' long gate, electricity, water and a large bodega built (storage building). It is much needed but must be done of the LORD and his ministering saints for we never seem have the strength or resources to continue. All we have is the faith and vision that they won’t perish. I noticed putting this picture together for the blog, the images a friend painted on our deputation display were almost prophetic, the view of the mountains and neighbors is same as the property. We used the original line drawing he gave us on our business cards and may paint it on the wall along with the Romans road, other paintings, and scriptures ect.

Church under the tent Sunday was to teach “What is a church?” It ended up focusing on baptisms. Many have made public professions of faith in the last few weeks so I asked “Who has been scripturally baptized?” Near the same number raised their hands. That required further questions of when, where and how. Catholic as a baby, Mormon were the most used responses. After sharing scriptures on baptism, the questions was asked again “Who has been scripturally baptized?” Only one hand went up… Amen Progress. In the coming weeks looks like we need to have Baptismal services in the Rio Choluteca. You know it will take a while to teach your congregation when you give bibles to the adults and several enthusiastically hold them upside down as passages are read. And the ones that can read need help finding Matthew. But I think the pure in heart are given a mansion in heaven that are closest to the Throne of Grace. Because the Bible says “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” AMEN!