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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Faith, Friends, Fun and Good Byes

The weeks have flown by it is now getting hot and Chay will be leaving tomorrow. She is not real fond of hard work in 100+ degree heat…but then neither is anyone else. The teens from Baluarte bought and signed a shirt for her.
The container is being emptied, once done it will be rearranged and organized for the next shipment. The very needful security fence around the Whensawe Center is going up but the need for funding hinders any kind of rapid progress.
Lisa and the girls wanted to surprise Vanessa with birthday gifts. She, like Blanca, needs schooling but the family cannot afford it. Pray they would get permanent sponsors.
We find ourselves giving all, and doing without often here, but it is never enough. In the USA one can just look away or change channels. Here they are our friends and neighbors and the need actually tugs on your shirt and looks you in the eye. Bible verses like 1 John 3:16-18 are inescapable when you live in Honduras.
Yet another outreach event went well, this time in San Jose Del Alanda. Over 120 people showed up, many others stood in the road to listen. We had the children line up for a small shot with the candy cannon. Then told them if they got friends we would shoot it again after the sermon, they took off like scared rabbits. We have been giving out the Born of God booklets with very good responses. I have been invited to go into the prison here and see what can be done and distribute literature. It too is very needful, but more added to our plate.
The little truck we borrow needs tires again (cords showing) but will have to wait because our atm cards are expired and we have no access to funds until new ones arrive. When? Pray as we drive the mountain road to the airport. Chay will be… Faith time…no money, no way to get money and toilet paper was the first thing to run out…. Always something in a third world country.

Several prayer requests
Juran’s arm has been delayed
Funds for vehicle
Funds for Whensawe Distribution Center
Children to get sponsors
Prison to open to the Gospel
Church in Los Terreros to grow
Bible Institute
New church start and feeding center in Choluteca.
Souls to Harvest

Unworthy Servants to a Worthy Saviour
The Ritchies