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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A picture-less post.

It would be normal to post a photo here but our old faithful camera has finished it’s course. We are praying and working on getting a new one quickly but mail here takes 3-6 weeks. As for Events and Praises, there are many. Some of the fleet has sold in the USA. The First shipping container is in route! …should arrive before a camera. The purchase of two small solars(building lots) on the edge of Choluteca was made to put the containers on. Plus work begun on a foundation for a 40x40 distribution center.

Enemensio has begun Bible studies in the mud hut on the mountain and the humble beginnings of that church are growing. All 5 (could use more) of the Institute DVD players were claimed for use in 5 ministries; to start as soon as we get the curriculum copied. The risogragh (copier) is in the container that is coming. Two of the pastors are traveling 8 hours to get institute supplies and take it home with them. After teaching some soul winning lessons, a door to door visitation program here has begun in earnest on Sunday afternoons; Several salvations already. A purchased of 200lbs of rice/beans was made for the young people to distribute to poor families as they saw the need while soulwinning.
There is a need to start a church in our own neighborhood (barrio). There are hundreds sleeping in shanties along the river only about 100 yards from where I am sitting. Each and every one needs Christ. All in due time I suppose. I used to pray even so LORD come quickly...now it seems I pray "Lord I need another day". The 20 year old son of the man who owns the Voodoo circus died of electrocution yesterday. He rejected the gospel just a little more than a week ago. I believe God exercised Proverbs 6:15 and 29:1. It is sad to know sometimes our witness is not for salvation-- but for judgment.
The need for a good truck is ever increasing. The used Mitsu 4x4 has not come available yet and we now know it will need engine work as well but the price is cheap. A new Kia 4x4 would sure be nice but if we sell our fleet and buy it there would be nothing left to import containers, build a distribution center, pay lawyers, ect. Even in a poor country money disappears very quickly.
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry N Lisa Ritchie
Pray for:
Children to get sponsors and help
Containers to ship and arrive without problems.
Church In Los Terreros to blossom
Bible Institute to Strengthen pastors
Need a 4x4 Truck
Lawyer paperwork to finalize