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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Los Terreros Church Planting Trip

Nine people, a generator, Pulpit, PA system, 100lbs food and tracts, lighting, Extra water, tarps, all loaded into the old borrowed Isuzu. It was 1st gear all the way up the Highway. When we hit the trails(Literally, almost lost the rear bumper on rocks) all the men had to push the truck up many sections because it could not make it on its own. As we began the outreach, Chay was wondering where all the people were coming from…she only saw a handful of homes all the way up. The Pa system played loud through the valleys and invited folks to watch a free movie called La Esperanza-The Hope, and hear preaching. About 150 showed up, 30 or so stood the entire 3 hours we were there. In the states we complain if we stand through 3 songs. Afterward Bro. Enemenso preached a good hard sermon.. but no one came forward. You could sense the grip of fear on the people. Many wanted to, some even asked questions, but what would happen to them Sunday if everyone saw them go forward in a “Baptist” service? Much work to be done. The need for a building is apparent. I put Carlos(my interpreter) to work with the children. He did a wonderful job. At the end I gave him candy bags with tracts to give out for answering questions. His wheelchair got swarmed. He looked at me with a big smile and said “What are you doing Barry… trying to kill me?” Overall it was a great trip. Friendships were made, without exception everyone asked us to return and teach and preach more. The door has been opened and we need to step in.