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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Voodoo...We need a little extra prayer

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Chay, Barry Jr, Sasha and Lisa have been going to the market, picking up supplies and bagging tracts, candy, toys and food. This is for the Saturday gospel movie outreach on the Mountain in Los Terreros. But the voodoo Circus next to our house needed some attention. They decided to go and hand out tracts there too...Amen. The noise from the circus is unnerving and will be 25 feet from our bedroom windows for a month. The Power went out this afternoon and we all thought, "great a little quiet"...nope the power came on at 5pm and the noise followed moments after....Oh Joy...we get to learn more patience
Unworthy Servants to a Worthy Saviour
Barry, Lisa, Sasha, Barry Jr...and Chay