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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Romans 15:1 We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves.

Here is another letter to a friend I thought all might enjoy. We are well, been very busy. Went to See Alba a few days ago and gave her the dresses you bought her and Julie. It helped to make an inroad to a difficult situation. It was the first time we have seen her smile in weeks. We talked in detail with Mauera the IHNFA(child services) lady today about Alba's family and a few others. I found out Mauera is IND. Baptist! Being a govenment official we never got into details about faith except we were baptist. She said she decided to work with us was because our papers said Ind Baptist and Lisa n Sasha always wore dresses and no makeup(Never know who is watching)...We also asked how she was IND BAP. Her pastor was trained by a Missionary 30 years ago and he believes/teaches only the Bible and follows no men...I want to find out more and meet him because he would be the first I have seen ot tied to somebody. And she said there are no others
Alba and Julie cleaned up and wore their dresses to church and looked beautiful. We also got the first hug since she left our home. Need lots of prayer for wisdom on how to help in a way that is pleasing to God. Our hearts and minds conflict many times in this area. We know she is not happy in the current situation but her "happiness" is not what concerns me most its her heart. Any imput you have would be welcome. Sponsors are called padrinos here.
On other fronts we have other children beginning to be sponsored for various things. By request of a pastor we met with Maria a member of his church today. She is a fairly young mom of 2 boys who is dieing of aids and no one will help her or care for her children. Her unfaithful husband already died of AIDS. She tires quickly and it is becoming difficult to work especially with more people knowing her condition. The 2 year only may also have aids but the 8 year old does not. I asked her what her long term plans were for the boys...she burst into tears. She will soon not be able to feed them and keep her home let alone think of "long term". Lisa gave her a hug and I told her not to worry of long terms that the LORD Jesus has a plan and between the Pastor, Church and us the boys will always have a home. We went home and emptied our cubboards and the pastor gave her the food. 100 Families like you wound not make a dent but we are doing whatever the LORD allows us to do. Our Interpreter Carlos (who goes to the same church as Maria) took us around today looking at schools, costs, doctrine, books ect. He drives a 30 year old taxi and is wheelchair bound, but manages to make about 250 dollars a month to feed his family. He feels independant because he does not have to beg in the street. After we looked at all the schools, I asked him to help me by telling us the one he would want his daughter could go to. It was not the biggest brightest most expensive, it was the one that was most Godly...that happens to be one of the cheapest but still beyond his reach. At the end of the day I asked him if he had faith. He said yes. I Handed him money that had been given to us this weekend, not alot but enough to pay for all he needed to enrole his daughter and pay the first month(much less than a 2 hour taxi ride in NY)......his wife also burst into tears and ran into the house....She had been praying all year for a way to send her daughter to a good school. When she came out Carlos began to cry....I said do not tell anyone other than the pastor and to only thank Jesus not us. We do not know where the rest will come from but have faith it will be there.
On another front we will have Doris living in our home in about 2 weeks, She is in need of critical care for renal rickets....another Girl Mayra 7 has also gotten her MRI done(needs brain surgery), we hope a doctor who took her scans to the USA will be able to help.....the Institute program will start just as soon as it arrives in the mail.....and there is time for rest between midnight and 5 am so we are all set....
Pray we can get a car soon all this is very difficult and dangerous in borrowed cars and taxisUnworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
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