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Monday, February 13, 2006

Harvesting Fruit in the Promised Land

Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, help and support. It has been needed and used for the Glory of Christ Jesus on your behalf.

I was asked by Pastor Candido to teach a Leadership conference last week. Godly leaders begin at our Saviour’s feet. Each night the messages were strong stepping on toes including mine. The nights on marriage and family, the alter filled. Carlos my interpreter got out of his wheelchair and dragged himself to the altar. He prayed for his family and that he would learn and be the Godly leader in his home.. wow. In essence they were

Godly leaders come from Godly churches
Godly churches come from Godly Families
Godly families come from Godly Marriages
Godly Marriages come from Godly people
Godly people come from people surrendered at Jesus feet…..

Friday night I taught soul winning. I have been amazed at the lack of understanding in this area. But I should not be, it is not much different in the US. God’s Word taught the law, repentance and grace. The end result was 4 more adults bowed, surrendered and humbly asked Jesus to save them from the wrath to come. One was a new man visiting, another was Maria aka(Luz) The woman dieing of aids with 2 young boys. She was in tears. No one ever confronted her, no one ever wanted to upset her…last night her tears washed Jesus’ feet and he lifted her up. Her body is dieing of aids but her spirit has been given life everlasting, she is no longer under condemnation and death. Afterwards she stood, still weeping, and put her head to my shoulder, tears stained my shirt as she hugged me repeating, gracias, gracias, gracias over and over. A preacher, evangelist, missionary, soulwinner, can receive no greater honor on earth than this. If we accomplish nothing else, this alone is sufficient to lay at my Glorious Saviour’s feet….

Also on friday, Lisa went to the capital to pick up Chay Balletto, a friend of Sasha, who wanted to visit the mission field before bible school. I was a little hesitant about letting Lisa take the borrowed Isuzu. So I sent Barry Jr and lots of water with them. Chay will be helping us for 3 months. While Lisa was gone I visited a piece of property outside of town that would be perfect to build a church, Children's Lighthouse, bible school, subsistence farm. It is about 8 Acres adjacent to a river, water well, electric, shanty house, just off the highway, just out of the city, with near a 1000 banana trees and 4-5 acres of melons, beans, coconut and corn. The man who owns it is in poor health and would like to sell. The only problem....He wants $26,000 a really good price but a wee bit more than we have…. Ok ,ok a whole lot more than we have...but not our Father in Heaven. The reason we are looking is the first container with our supplies…the shipping has been paid for and will be coming soon! AMEN! I need a place to put it that I will not have to move it later. (A very difficult task here). The other IHNFA donated property is not ours yet…and may not be with world vision really looking to get it and they have much bigger influence…$$.

So we are in dire need of prayer for a vehicle, property, Bible Institute, church starts and Lighthouse. If you are with a ministry we have visited with in the past would you consider helping us in the future, regular support, special projects, trips to labor, ect. More help in these area is crucial. Chay has only been here one day and is already saying “American Christian’s do not understand the need or the potential harvest in 3rd world countries”. If I could get everyone to see what we see… help would be no problem. A few tear stained shirts work miracles in hearts.

Unworthy Servants to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour
Barry, Lisa Sasha, Barry Jr,…and Chay