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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Church Planting In Los Terreros

Monday was another interesting day. I went to the village of Los Terreros way up in the mountains toward Nicaragua to scout out for a church plant. Bro. Enemesio was born there and would like to see his people saved by the Glorious Truth of Christ. He said it is not too far, you can see Choluteca from there. I didn’t know it was on one of the highest mountains you can see from Choluteca. When the steep highway ends the even steeper trail starts. The 2wd Isuzu P/U I borrowed had full throttle in 1st gear and still lugged down to the point of stalling (scary because you don’t want to roll backwards), it will never make it with a load or in the wet season coming up. It was not as rough as the other places in the mountains we have traveled, but has higher and steeper trails. If you go over the cliff it will be 1000 feet before you stop. We arrived and found a people starved for the truth. We asked about returning and playing a movie, without exception all want us to return. Again we were told 300 or more people will show up. Arrangements were made to play the movie in front of a village elder’s home for Feb 18th. If it all works as planned this will be the first village to plant a church. Pray something could be done quickly because the influence of witchcraft is strong. A witch lives at the highest point in the village in the nicest home..hmm. Acts 19:19-20 comes to mind. They could easily influence or cause harm to a family if we meet in their home. I am not one to put the cart before the horse but a church building here is going to be a necessity, as well as prayers and lots of help. If anyone wants to spend a vacation building a church let me know. For approximately $6-7000 an adobe church could be built that will last 50+years. For the cost of an old used car or a new big screen entertainment system, a church building could be built, hundreds won to Christ, and another generation pulled from sin. The land is about $1000, the roof is about $1500, the foundation $1500, the walls are about $2000, the furnishings about $1500(doors, seats ect). As we descended the mountain the sun was setting making a striking heavenly array. We stopped one more time just to take it all in. I asked Bro Enemesio how many more of these will we see before Christ comes back, all were silent the rest of the way down the mountain……
In Other News
Looks like Juran will be getting a new prosthetic arm. Details still need to be worked out but all involved are on the same page. We will need to travel to El Salvador Feb 27 with Juran for casting and again 3 weeks later for fitting and psychical therapy. But the boy who lost his arm flying a kite may soon work with both hands. AMEN!

Please Pray for a vehicle that will do the work the LORD Jesus has lain before us. To teach the institute, build churches, help children, carry people and equipment, we need a HD multitask truck. One day it may get groceries, the next day haul 30-40 people to church, the next haul 3000lbs of roof tile up a mountain trail, also be fuel efficient to afford to drive it to another country to p/u an arm for a young boy….A tall order.
Sorry if I am sharing too much news…..its just when the Glorious Light Shines it must be placed on the hill. And I do not know how I could put all this on one news letter.
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
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