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Monday, March 06, 2006

A Day of Rest....

A day of rest… We all were invited to a picnic near the Nicaraguan border. I was asked to preach and do an open air round table. Any question could be asked… all directed at me. And they did. Marriage/ divorce/ lies/ miracles/ demons/ security/Laodicean church/, the whole spectrum. All was well, the Bible had all the answers and the Holy Spirit guided and I was more than willing to stay out of the way. ¿Meat? soup was served that was very good. The kids enjoyed the woods, playing lettuce, and soccer. Sasha came home with a rash but it did not last long. That afternoon we pick up our equipment and new homemade movie screen and headed out to a large barrio built by USaid after Hurricane Mitch. I am told it was where the “rough” crowd went. This time we blocked off a street and set up the screen against a wall. It was different than other outreaches here for sure. Many kids have never been taught restraint and wickedness lurks everywhere.. It really brought back memories of inner-city bus ministry and the skill in working them. A church, a church daycare and a feeding center would do wonders here. If only I had the time, money and laborers. The problem in this barrio is the “Blue Glow” telling them they are not worth anything unless they are like them…aka TV. The goal is to go to the USA. No one is content with what they have and the blue glow tells them they should not be. I think it is a worldwide problem; it is just the contrast makes it very visible here. At the point the power lines end, so does hyperactivity.
We picked up a few things for all 7 kids in Alba's family today and had a very good short visit, lots of hugs and kisses. For the evening church service at Balluarte, we went to pick up Blanca and her family plus 1/2 the barrio then drove by to ask Alba if she wanted to go. A brief pause then a nod yes. AMEN! Then Tonio jumped in as well. Church was good, both paid attention and sat real close leaning on Lisa, we had a meeting for the men afterwards(to begin soul winning on Sundays) and the kids all played outside. It is only the 2nd time we have seen Alba relaxed with heart felt smiles and laughter since she left. She brought her new Bible and used it. She has kept it spotless, it is the only thing in her house that is. Keep praying, never know how the Holy Spirit is working.
Pray: about containers to ship soon, a vehicle, property, Bible Institute, health and that ALL we are and do gives God Glory.
Unworthy Servant to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour