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Friday, February 24, 2006


Never a dull moment, time here is always filled with fear and trepidation-Wonder, Praise and Joy! We revisited the gold mine to look at a truck they have for sale. It is a 1996 Mitsubishi diesel P/U nice only needs a few things and would fill our needs. Prayerfully the LORD will open this door. While there we asked to take pictures of the mine again since Chay has not seen it. Walking up to the entrance the ground shook and we hear 3 loud booms.
Dust came out of the mine tunnel and you could smell gunpowder. Whoa, what was that? “Oh they just dynamited the mine, you’ll have to wait about 10 minutes to go in.” Thats ok we don't have to go in...Our escort led us back to the place they just blew up in the mine. Talk about dark. Chay picked up a rock while no one could see, but Lisa snapped a photo anyway. Looking close at the photo later, it looks just like a gold nugget.
The special order baby chickens arrived and distribution begun. 40 of them went to hungry families in ministries we are working with. This is something we would like to do more of, if Our LORD provides the “Milk and Honey” Land.

Another great blessing was Christian School kids in NH gave a Love offering for the Children’s Lighthouse. Without thinking…(no comment per Lisa) I thought we should use it to put Blanca in Private Christian School. With the price I was thinking we only needed a little more. Chay stepped up and said she would give some too. So I made the commitment to the family then found out my price, was not the schools price. Try more than 2x as much. Those little add ons add up. (but still very cheap by USA standards). Not wanting to disappoint we chose to sacrifice to cover the rest. We also bought her a bicycle because the distance it too great to walk. As of this writing her dream of a Christian education is two days old. We had to sign her into school because her mom cannot even write her own name… We are praying someone takes Blanca on for support for a few years to allow her to finish school.
We also felt the need to buy Enemeniso a new KeroLantern and gave him a supply of tracts and candy to work visitation on the mountain this weekend. Pray all the LORD points us toward will bear much fruit and give Christ Jesus Glory.
Pray for Joran’s trip for an arm on Monday -a very long drive to El Salvador. Pray for souls during an outreach we will have next weekend. Pray for Enemeniso on the Mountain. Pray for a vehicle, Land, Safety, wisdom, protection, Bible Institute…..If you lift us up in Prayer the LORD will show you the needs…..AMEN
What should a Christian do when Lazereth sleeps at his gate full of sores?...Stay in Honduras a while and you will have many opportunities to find out . My new quote for this week

That's what He made you for…..

Barry Ritchie
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour