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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


We headed out at 3am toward San Salvador, El Salvador from Choluteca with Joran, his father, Carlos and me. The trip to the Bosco University was flawless. Joran received the examination, casting and plastic arm piece formed, plus selected a new prosthetic arm to be ordered in a few weeks. Within a few miles of leaving, the “good” truck we borrowed blew a lower radiator hose. A few hours, dollars and taxi rides later we are back on the road. A couple hours down the road; pow the radiator blew apart up on the mountain pass, in the middle of nowhere. We bought all 12 gallons of water from a roadside store and began adding 3 gallons every ½ mile. Had to start the truck and get up to 60kph and shut it off and coast as far as we could…I was thinking this is going to be a very long trip. We stopped every time we found someone with water, creeks, fountains, houses didn’t matter who. Finally made it over the crest of the mountain shut off the engine and coasted 15+ km. 60-80km/h with a rock hard brake pedal, no engine running and no power steering, tires squealing around the curves not wanting to lose speed and coasted into a town at the bottom. Carlos joking screamed all the way down, “aaaaah I don’t want to die Barry” “I have a family to care for” Until we coasted right past a radiator shop and just up the highway was a “no tell” motel. I started the engine and pulled in. Carlos smiles and says “see I knew you could make it, God is with you.” The Hotel was in a word ..yuck, but beggars can’t be choosers and it was a place to rest. Made me glad we did not bring the family though. All of us were asleep before our heads hit the pillows. The next morning we were first in line for a radiator…the radiator had blown apart(plastic) and new parts were not available(duh)…but they can make a new all brass radiator in about 3-4 hours…for a price. I had enough, just enough to say get it done. Their workmanship was amazing and fast. Two young men 18 &22 worked solid to finish us asap. We all sat in the truck and I asked "what if we had died coming down the mountian"....Gives new meaning to some save with fear in Jude. Never the less our LORD Jesus Christ opened the door of salvation for Joran Sr. and Joran Jr. and they BOTH stepped through. AMEN and Amen. Father and son will remember an old dirty radiator shop thousands of years after the memory of a lost arm is forgotten. More Glory for him…….
Barry Ritchie
Unworthy Servant to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour