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Friday, March 10, 2006

The VooDoo Circus Has Left !

….After a month of very loud music. So loud, it would make our furniture vibrate and dust from our roof fall. You could not work, read, study, think, sleep or carry on a conversation. The relentlessly pounding even made us ill. We even found ourselves staying out late just so we did not have to go home. Last night, we came in from church and Sasha said "do you hear that?"... "What?" came the reply from the family. With a big smile she said "EXACTLY". For a month about 30 people have lived next door without water, any kind of bathrooms or garbage service. Drinking, selling their stuff and performing for small crowds, people passing out and throwing up around our house. The pungent stench and filth they left behind is better than the sound when they were here.
Thank You all for your prayers they were needed.