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Monday, March 27, 2006

We'll Work till Jesus Comes...

Pictures! ..not good quality, but pictures none the less. The Property for a distribution center will have the foundation pad finished today for the first container due the 7th. Now we will start on a security perimeter wall and second pad for the second container. Still needs electric and water as well. Anyone want to help?
We helped John Baptist in Corpus last night. Played a gospel movie and presented a clear gospel presentation. It was a nice change from rest of the events Sunday.
A funeral for Milto Lagos, the husband of a young lady in Baluarte Baptist Church died Saturday morning. He was 22 and had a 2 week old baby. He woke while it was yet night for work, ate, sat down for a minute and God said “this night thy soul shall be required of thee”. He did not have a testimony of salvation. His mother could not container herself and opened the casket made of paneling as the men were lowering it into the grave. A little chaos broke out, many unsaved people present. The sweetest part was Ronnie with his plywood and spray painted guitar spontaneously began to sing and the rest of the ladies of Baluarte began to sing, it was like David singing unto Saul. The crowd calmed and the evil spirit departed. I would love to give Ronnie a real guitar. Life in Honduras is hard and raw, but you can see clearly the heavenly stars of God without the overcast of wealth.
Are you praising the LORD today?
That's what he made you for