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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Proverbial “Ox in the Ditch"

Our first container with our equipment has arrived! On the only day I told them not to deliver it on, of course. We had a pastor from the USA flying in on Sat and we would be in Capitol 3 hours away picking him up (and his plane was 3 hours late). For 2 weeks, every day hearing, it will be there tomorrow. Then they called on Saturday saying it had to leave or I would get a fine. So it went and arrived in Choluteca about a hour before dark. We raced back down the mountain to meet it. The attempt was made to begin removing it in the dark, but after a stack of wood gave out and knocked Barry Jr into a barb wire fence, we decided to wait till Sunday morning. Our proverbial “Ox in the Ditch”. We had to pay the driver extra to stay all day on Sunday. Being Sunday, it was difficult, but we found a lumber yard whose owner lived on premises and was willing to cut up some extra lumber and Lisa found 2 more bottle jacks. We went to work inch by inch. Barry Jr and Sr’s hands are blistered from jacking.

The weather was 96-102 degrees with no shade anywhere. Once off the trailer, we left it in the air for several days and lowered it all day Wednesday. But it is here and on the ground, now we get to unload it…
While in the Capitol we picked up a pila for Blanca’s family so they could store water bathe and wash clothes. Chay is leaving in about a week. Much to do with little time and money to get it all done.