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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gone Fishing….With a Bounce House NET

We worked most of the day getting a tent out of the roasting hot shipping container. After moving it several times, the boys (Barry Jr and his helper) decided to also bring out the small bounce house. In the afternoon, all of us began setting the tent up for new church services in the vacant lot next to our house for Sunday….The new church needs plastic chairs! Afterwards Barry Jr. offered to set up the bounce and show the kids what it was. I agreed to let ONE boy bounce to demonstrate it. It was like giving every kid one potato chip. It did not take him but a moment to figure it out and boy did he, back flips, summersaults, ect. The other kids ran and got friends and a few minutes later there was an almost uncontrollable crowd. Suddenly it was a good time for an announcement; the bounce house had done its job. We invited them all to a movie tomorrow night, and told them “Every kid who brings their parents to church services on Sunday will be allowed to jump after church”….It worked in the USA. It may work even better here. Kinda gives a good understanding of “Compel them to come in”.
5 More came forward in Prison Ministry Thursday, AMEN! At the end the Holy Spirit prompted a few questions. First, “How many men were married and the sole income provider before prison,” hands went up all over. Then asked “How many have wives or children who are not saved,” again hands went up all over. I asked for their addresses to find churches that would visit and help their families. Some men were crying and thanking us. The Holy Spirit showed that if we get the men’s families in church, the men are more likely to follow after prison and stay out of jail. Time will tell, one more thing on the plate.

Current Projects: Starting 2 churches, the construction of the Whensawe Distribution Center, Timotheos Bible Institutes, Prison preaching, Children’s Lighthouse Child Sponsorships for nutrition, medical and education needs (Sponsors needed). Evangelism outreaches…and whatever door the LORD opens unto us. Want to spend a vacation in Honduras? We can use the help, If you can’t come and help…Listen to the Holy Spirit and send once and again according to the necessity, Phil 4:16-17. If you can’t send anything…Pray continually for us and the work our wonderful Saviour has placed before us. Effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much A...AMEN!

Thank You.