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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Feliz Cumpleaños (Happy Birthday)

The Children’s Lighthouse held a birthday for Alba and two of her younger siblings; Christian 4, and Karen 5. As we arrived and pulled out the camera, we I found all 8 rechargeable batteries were dead…and the back ups were pilfered for another project. We dropped off the presents as well as Lisa and Sasha, then Jr and I scurried off for more batteries. While gone, Alba decided to put on new or clean clothes for pictures on all her brothers and sisters as well as clean them all up. (so much for catching them by surprise.) Presents were supplied from the container, Sasha made a new dress for Alba, and Lisa made a 2 tier cake with the decorating kit one of God’s saints sent her. The neighborhood gathered round for the blindfolding and hitting of the Winnie the Poo Piñata. Several children took many swings. Until at last, Alba tossed it in and the children jumped on Winnie the Poo like starving piranha. I think you will enjoy the video of that moment. Just click on the small picture to watch it
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ANOTHER PRAISE ! We have rented the field next to our home (where the voodoo circus was) to prayerfully plant another Church and possibly start a feeding center. AMEN ! We can purchase it for $10,000 USD. This would allow for permanent structures. Pray for us Please, we need help and providential supply!