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Friday, May 19, 2006

Rescue the Perishing

Missions work is not a vacation. Sometimes it is days of boredom, followed by non stop exhausting work. Sometimes it’s the pleasure of helping another person, then sometimes it is that same person breaking your heart. If you can be lonely, lied to, lied about, stolen from, mistreated, accosted, and still love these same people, …You might just be fit for ministry. This month has been filled with a few ups and downs. But all have praises buried within. We also thank those who, like the house of Stephanas, …. have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints…1 Corinthians 16:15

The downs—Chay left, the rain has started (will end in Nov.), Our debit cards got lost in mail…ie no access to money for 6 weeks or more; Guytan, the man helping us on the Whensawe Property, was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes; our container was broken into so I had to just welded it shut until we can afford get a security fence up, a tire went on the borrowed truck... AND to top off everything. The container with most of our Scripture, pastors library, new generator, AV equipment, toys, well drilling rig ect…is several feet under water in New Hampshire, not sure what is lost but to be sure it is 10s of thousands of dollars. The funds for shipping arrived at the shipping agent earlier this week but had not cleared the bank…Timing is everything. Pray for this situation please.
The Ups—An opportunity was given to preach in another ministry and saw 7 adults ask Christ Jesus to save them. The risograph arrived undamaged in the container and was tested by printing 50+copies of a 55 page discipleship course, and they are going fast. A donation of 7 cases of paper to print the Institute curriculum on came in; this print run will require more ink and masters.
Our money ran out and God’s ministering saints wired some funds for us to live on while our cards are in limbo. The property next to our home came up for rent. This is where we wanted to start a church and feeding center. The owner has agreed to rent it to us for 1 year at $25/mo, and give us the opportunity to purchase it within that time. He wants $10,000, he might take less, cash talks. It is a large corner city lot on a paved road where a church is needed. We will put up a tent to do some events and evangelization, but any permanent improvements would have to come after purchase. Just out of view, on the property picture, are people sleeping at our gate full of sores…what can you do except ...rescue the perishing. C.T.Studd said "Some wish to live
within the sound of a chapel bell; I wish to run a rescue mission within a yard of hell." I concur.
The children in the area have befriended us since letting them play soccer there. Two-40 foot containers of food, plus 1 container of missions supplies have been promised. These will help greatly in building a new church and starting a feeding center/rescue mission, but only as our LORD opens hearts and doors. The need of property and a building is evident.

Please pray about a return trip to the USA in 2007 to gain support. This is not something I want to do, but with all the work the Lord has laid before us, along with our current situation, it is becoming necessary. Pray the churches we have already visited would support us, and a few new ones would as well. There is much to do. A good vehicle to make the trip is also needed. Airfares have gone up 20-25% meaning it is over $4000 for our family to fly. We can drive there and back for $900 in fuel and prayer. Much to think on, do and pray about…To God be ALL Glory!

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