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Monday, June 05, 2006

Choluteca Prison..LORD, When saw we thee?

Someone has been praying for Souls in Honduras and our LORD has heard!
Barry was sent to prison this week….to preach. The Choluteca Prison has a really rough reputation. It is on almost every list for human rights violations on the internet. The riots they had a while back killed many and burned down the prison. Security guards allowed us in, to preach and even take pictures in the new prison still being built. Carlos was scared because he knows some people in there who robbed him. During visiting times the guards just let you in and lock the door behind you. They do not go with you. Services were much like a regular church service with about 70 in attendance, and the LORD gave a strong to the point salvation message. 12 came forward AMEN! Guards allowed me to distribute 300 Born of God books along with some disciple ship books we printed on the riso. Next week we will bring the NT that we have left. I am out of tracts almost out of NT and JR and can only get 6 Bibles per month. The container of scripture that flooded last week is greatly needed.
Bro. Cañada (can-yad-a) who asked us to preach in the prison, also asked me to preach Sunday in his church. He lost his son to cancer a couple of weeks ago and his wife is still struggling with it. He sees the LORD's hand in it because his son finally accepted the Lord as Saviour just a few months ago after getting sick. Anything this side of hell is a blessing. He still owed $100 dollars for the casket. After preaching on a text "seeing his brother in need" we asked him for the receipts and promised to cover his debt. This is equal to his entire months pay. Our Glorious LORD blessed again in the service with the saving of 5 more precious souls. AMEN!

Prison preaching 12 salvations
Plus 5 in a church service
Bank Cards came in
Whensawe Fence columns almost complete. Still need about $3000 to finish.
We have NOT been robbed this week!
Sasha finished high school! Corinna is expecting her second Child.
Institute courses completed and the first school is starting. 2 churches in La Esperanza will share materials AMEN!
Lisa put together a 5 year course of S. School papers for 6-12yr olds

Souls-and discipleship
Support Level Children to get sponsors(we have more not even listed yet)
Both Church plants and special outreach events, Bible Institute, Whensawe Distribution Center-plus Feeding Center
All we do to be to the Glory of Christ Jesus
Pray for a vehicle.
I looked at a 1987 datsun pickup this week. It’s only rusted out on the bottom half and could be ours for only $3000…You laugh…but I was actually thinking- what a bargain, something we might afford, it just wont go where we need to go. The truck we keep borrowing now wont go everywhere either and currently uses a set of spark plugs every day. I am afraid it will let go completely, then we will be obligated to rebuild the engine….I would rather spend the money elsewhere

Unworthy Servants to a Worthy Saviour
Barry n Lisa Ritchie