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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Our AMEN Post!

Our AMEN Post.
Our baby girl has graduated. Sasha, our youngest of four daughters, has finished high school and is now considering colleges.(NOW I am old)amen! She has chosen to wait till spring of next year to go so she can become more fluent in Spanish and help us a bit longer. The most important thing she has learned is to have a servant’s heart and to please the LORD in all things. This we have seen as one of her best attributes, and thank the LORD for her. AMEN!
Friday we were asked to bring a witnessing movie to a village outside of the city, more than 140 showed up. Some watched from the shadows. The Lord gave a simple message and 3 adults surrendered to our Father in Heavens drawing. AMEN!
Sunday was our second Church service in the empty field next to our home. 45 souls came and learned meanings of faith, trust, grace and mercy. AMEN!
I pray the LORD opens the door for ministry here, the need is great. Most have never heard or seen the true power of the Gospel to change lives. 50 chairs were purchased by a friend and former high school bus worker of ours in the USA. AMEN!
He is now grown, married and a bus captain. He convinced his new church to buy our bus and start a new bus ministry. Considering we could not import the bus to Honduras, I can think of no better departure for our old work horse. AMEN!
The fence at the Whensawe Distribution center is looking like something. I got flash burned eyes welding and burned my face so Barry Jr. took over welding of the rebar steel for the fence. He has learned quickly and is really becoming more than just a helper. Many tasks we have begun to rely on him. AMEN!
We also now have Honduras Drivers Licenses….Free! AMEN!
The Picture taking machine was finally fixed after 6 months so we went to the police department to get licenses. One police man recognized us from helping his daughter months ago, several more from when we had the container arrive. They introduced us to the police chief and when it came time to pay they said gratis…free. Wow can’t do that in the USA. AMEN and AMEN!