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Monday, July 24, 2006

At the Cross at the Cross where I first saw the Light

Another amazing time here in Honduras. Much to share. Carlos (our translator) has begun the Timotheos Bible Institute in earnest. He figures he can finish 2 years in one. He had his first opportunity to preach Sunday and one elderly lady, Ursinda Izaguirre, came forward for salvation. He was excited as were angels in heaven! I can think of no better thing than to see a man who has been rejected by all his whole life because of polio, told he was worthless by even his own family; now being used of God to bring the lost to the Fount of Living Waters. God is so Good. More than 50 people showed up again for services, and we have yet to start real systematic visitation program. The people voted on a name, the church is now Iglesia Bautista La Cruz--- The Cross Baptist Church… at the cross at the cross where I first saw the light, and the burden of my heart rolled away… it was there by faith I received my sight……It is the only church in barrio La Cruz (the Cross neighborhood) The church verse is
1 Cor 1:18
For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness;
but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

We made an A-frame sign from steel and Lisa and Sasha did a really good job painting it.

Pastor Santos was finally able to make a trip down the mountain to visit so we could take pictures of Angel 4 and Cinthia 8. They are the orphans he took in, after both parents died of cancer not long ago. He lives in a small adobe house now with 9 people and is truly living by faith. We told him previously we would help however the LORD opens the door. And took photos to list them for sponsorship (anyone praying?), gave them some clothing, shoes, hygiene items, toys and some rice and beans. Cinthia’s eyes lit up. They are wonderful, timid children who have already lived a rough life. No one even knows their birthdays. Yet they are known to Christ and his eye is on them.
Barry Jr has been looking for an opportunity to ride the dirt bike (that we cant license yet) so we loaded it into the old Isuzu and went as far as we could up the mountain. Actually about an hour out, we got the truck hi-centered on rocks. So then the chiness motorcycle was unloaded on the very rocky, steep mountain side, everything loaded up and attempted to drive the children on up….we only made it a little ways before it too, just didn’t have enough power. Cinthia finally had enough bouncing, trying to hold on and asked if she could just walk…please? Barry Jr. took Pastor Santos up to where the children where waiting and dropped the supplies. When Jr. returned, then began the job to free the very stuck truck. Jacks, boards and rocks with a lot of muscle and likely someone praying for us, finally freed it without anyone getting hurt. Amen! Of course Barry Jr suggested it would be better to load the motorcycle at the bottom and he would happily ride it down. How thoughtful….

Joran will finally get his arm… tomorrow. We had to sent them on a bus again, but this time, gave him a disposable camera to take pictures, hopefully. The gate is up on the Whensawe property. The next item is electric. One of the men who had helped us build was Rosali. He is in his 40s walks with a bad limp, is nearly blind and skinny as can be, but prides himself in the fact he works hard. He has 11 children he cares for, on only about $100 per month. One of God’s ministering saints mailed a box of supplies that was perfect for Rosali’s family, lots of shoes, hygiene stuff, ect. The children were all shoeless and either naked or nearly so up to 12years old. Lisa had also brought some extra clothing, so she and Sasha began sizing them up and clothing them. Whensawe thee Lord naked and clothed thee…..The LORD is so Good. What we need is more help of all kinds. The prayer we need most is “LORD what wilt thou have me to do.” AMEN! The LORD is so Good. Tell it where ever you go.