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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Enmencio's Prayer Request

Hola Praying friends. Enmencio Estrada is the Pastor we are working with to establish a church in Los Terreros. (More info in the blog about the land purchased back in the Feburary blog posts). I edited and reposted his picture so you would know who to pray for. He has been working hard in the village and is currently working with 5 people in bible studies. It has been difficult because of circumstances there. Hard to get to the village, often walking, horseback or 4x4 if we had one. The wickedness that has a grip on the village is strong. Enmencio has a heart for them because is is where he was born, and wants to see them come to the Saviour. He is working and preaching by faith and recieves no pay. It is only out of love for Christ and a love for his people. If the Lord lays something on your heart we will get it directly to him. Below is his letter as it was translated.

Enmencio's Prayer Request:
I am a Pastor. I am starting to preach the Gospel in Los Terreros village of El Corpus, Choluteca Honduras.
In this village along time ago established two churches, Church of God of the Seventh Day and Catholic. There is not anyone who is saved. I will need your pray because in this village is big corruption dreadful, because there are many man with two women and also woman with two men in relationship. Much work to be done. I also want you to pray for Ms Consuelo who is the village witch. She is a friend and could be reached.
Pray to the Lord brothers to used me to give freedom to this people and take them out of the rope of Satan.
Dios Le Bendiga
Enemencio Estrada