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Monday, August 28, 2006

Went Saw Moved Healed Matthew 14:14

Another Sunday is past and our daughter Kimmy is now gone. :( Her visit was a blessing and needed time of rest for her. Though she did get a bad sunburn. On the 2nd day here, Lisa told her use sunscreen because we are near the equator. She said naw I’m from Florida and I don’t burn…. She doesn’t say that anymore. She got the worst burn of her life but only in one spot. The blister was 3+ inches. Never the less she got rested and spent a lot of needed mother daughter time. We used the borrowed Isuzu to take her back to the airport. It is 174 miles round trip and it used $12.76 for 8 spark plugs, 3 gallons of water, $8 for 2 qts oil and $50+ dollars in gas…. I think it is time to seek all our praying friends to pray earnestly for a vehicle.

The new little church under the tent is starting to grow spiritually. 75 people in services again and the discipleship is going very well. Lisa and Sasha are now teaching the lessons for the youngest ones. It takes all you can do to keep little ones (and Adults) in one place and focused when there are no doors and distractions continually up and down the street. Like an Ice cream vender came down the street and parked close, where all could see and rang his bell for 10-15 minutes during services… No one bought (none have any money) but he kept all attention till I finally got him moved down the street. We help in whatever way the door is opened onto us. A visiting man in church today ask for prayer for pain on his stomach. He had fallen out of a plantation truck and skidded down the road scraping all the skin off his chest and stomach down to the muscle. While we prayed Lisa ran and got the last tube of topical antibiotics from the house for him. If you see a brother have need and withhold your bowels of compassion… You know the rest.

Two evangelistic outreaches are planned for the next 2 weeks. One up the mountain a bit in Lenaca, and one in our barrio. It will be the first real use of the equipment…so please pray the LORD will supply the many needs, use all and be in all, that souls would be saved.

Lisa is bumming, today the only store in Choluteca with everything in one place...sort of, and with refrigeration has closed up after 10 years, It was the only place to get anything American too. Now food shopping will go from a 1-2 hour event, to an all day affair in the open street market. One guy sells melons, another tomatoes, another sugar, another bread...you get the idea. We may go vegetarian after seeing all the flies on the meat hanging outside all day...or just cook it longer with the spices friends sent....Oh well. Welcome to Honduras where the only guarantee is that nothing is guaranteed... Traveling to the capital for supplies? Not after reading above.

We promised Jeny we would pick up Cesa and his family from across town for church services and to visit and play, if she was good…She was, so we did. Jeny hid at Cesa’s house a while before the authorities found her in the streets. Upon arrival, the first thing we did was attempt to de-lice, de-worm, shower and clothe Cesa 10, Maria 13 and Martha 11(all stunted in growth for their age). After church we ate lunch and they ate like they were starved…Because they were. They only eat one time per day Monday-Friday at a feeding center. Weekends it is closed, so by Sunday afternoon….well Cesa ate 5 plates full till his belly thumped like a ripe melon. We also sent them home with the last of our donated rice and beans and some vitamins Kimmy brought…Jeny even gave away some of her things because she saw the need…It is a new experience for her to be on the giving side…amen! And now we have to de-lice Jeny again and Sasha’s room, and our room, but it was worth it.
It is one thing to read about things here, prayerfully it might even stir your spirit to help in some way. But to live here, even a short time, and see it daily, changes a person. Our door is always open to those want to be changed for the gospels sake instead of just being stirred in the spirit. Remember Jesus WENT forth, SAW a great Multitude, was MOVED with compassion.. and HEALED their sick. Mathew 14:14 And Jesus IS the best example