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Friday, August 11, 2006

Broken Lives and Broken Hearts

Luke has been a joy, in every way a help to the LORD’s work in Honduras, willing to do anything: sing, witness, or labor. (a lot of labor) Many days are spent working in 95-100+ degree weather being broiled by the sun or roasted in a 150+ degree shipping container, yet when I would ask, “¿Luke, are you ok?,” drenched in sweat to the point of being able to wring it out of his clothes…he would always say, “¡I'm ok, I can do more!” Oh, if all Christians had that attitude. AMEN!
Because of all this hard work we took everyone out to the beach in the Gulf of Fonseca Thursday, (There is a nearly private area… No one there) along with Luke and Carlos’ family to let the kids swim and watch the sunset. Everyone has worked very hard lately and this was a needed rest day and family bonding time for Jeny. Jeny and Luke had never seen the Pacific Ocean and both wanted to go. There is always a steady cool wind from the ocean. In a country so poor they still have a beautiful sunset money can’t buy. We also had a time of prayer.
Jeny will need some healing time, but is already calling Lisa and me- Momy and Popy. The very first night we gave her a new giant Elmo stuffed animal. We have had it a while and almost gave it away numerous times, but always kept it for a special purpose.....hmm The LORD is good and directs the affairs of men. She fell asleep in Lisa’s arms on the ride home and had to be carried inside. The tiny dots in the water of the sunset are the kids. As far as you could see up or down the beach…nobody.
Wednesday, Cesa, a 10 year old boy who follows us like a shadow and helps on the Whensawe property, touched Luke’s heart. At first he thought he was kind of a pest, bothering the boys while they worked, yet always willing to help where he could, never really asking for anything… till Wensdayday he asked for left over nails and scrap wood. ¿Why? ...he wanted to fix the doors of his house. Luke fell under conviction and wanted to find out what he needed so, we visited his house; a shack really. Cesa’s father had died years ago, leaving behind a struggling wife to care for 3 daughters and 2 sons, which is hard to do here with no education. Entering the sparse dirt floor space, seeing his sisters and only 1 bed, it was asked to Cesa, the youngest, “¿where do you sleep?” He pointed to a smooth rocky area on the ground. It was at that moment, reality ripped at the heart! This boy who never complains and always has a beaming ear to ear smile…. sleeps in the dirt…just like the animals that freely walk through the house. I could see it in Luke’s teary eyed face…Cesa was no longer a pest, but a purpose for him being here. He then decided to help where he could, Friday he set out to buy some wood and screws, fix the broken doors, clean-up around the house and yard and purchase a mattress for Cesa to sleep on.
When we went to the mattress store I let Luke go in without me. The only instructions were- ”Do whatever the LORD leads you to do”…The shiny red and chrome bicycle struck the right cord. I just smiled when they exited the store to load it in the car. We chose to leave the bike, hammock, fan, bed and other items nearby at the Whensawe property until we finished working in Cesa’s house. But as we turned the corner to the Whensawe property, Cesa was there waiting for us, oops. We unloaded it anyway but told him it was for a special boy that the LORD saw had a good heart, and we were going to visit later. Then put the tools in and headed to his home. Barry n Luke fixed the doors, weeded the back yard, and made a concrete threshold to keep water from pouring in. Then told Cesa to clean the mess and we would return in ½ hour. We returned with the surprise and asked Cesa if had he been praying….”YES!” There were several times I could see Luke fighting back tears as Cesa’s smile grew even more. I was talking to Cesa and said he needed to pray again and thank the LORD and for sending Luke…He did so in meekness. Then Luke prayed in Spanish to finish it off. It was as beautiful as the sunset the night before. As the boys were finishing, I was content sitting on the tailgate handing out dozens of cold cups of water from our cooler to the little ones…More Glory for Him!
In all this dirt and sin in Honduras, the LORD Jesus has a way of allowing a person to see more clearly here. AMEN.