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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jeny Smiles!

The last 12 days have been a blur. Jeny arrived; Our daughter Kimbra arrived; Luke’s dad visited for their last few days in Honduras; Luke left today and will be missed by all. Jeny has been a bundled hyper ball of excesses with 2 weeks full of firsts for her. Her first time in the big city of Tegucigalpa, to see an airplane, visit a free zoo, eat Chinese food, swim in the ocean, boat ride to an island, clean, clothed and fed everyday. She is learning quickly how to live in her new world. She has never had anything, nor had any restraints. Like, we do not spit or throw food at the windows. She grew up tossing garbage out the nearest window…Ours have glass in them…kinda creates a mess. Dresses are just big towels to wipe your face with. At first we could not get her to take a shower, now she wants to shower 2-3 times a day and use it all up. Jeny was told to set the table, she saw napkins in a restaurant, so she found some in our house…sort of....Bounce dryer sheets and set them out because they looked like napkins and smelled good. (all we could do is smile and happily use them. We do not even have a dryer they are only used for the bounce houses) She is learning she does not have to steal or hide what will be freely given, just ask. For Sasha’s graduation present, we ate lunch with Kimbra, Luke and his dad, on Tiger Island and Jeny was shocked to receive her own plate of fish. Jeny looked at me in bewilderment, “for me?”, “Yes”, “All of it?’”, “Yes” and a big smile sprouted. She had only ever been given a samples from others or leftovers of fish from the feeding kitchen, but never just her own plate. Afterwards, the seaside shack restaurant we were in turned on music and she jumped up, covered her ears and said bad musica very loud over and over. Sasha has been teaching her about music…Amen! They both went over and had them turn it down. We have learned yet another bit of disturbing information about her. Since arriving I have been calling her bonita (Beautiful), Good morning bonita ect. Only to be followed by a frown on her face and the words "yo faya" (I'm ugly). It bothered me and I did not understand why she did it. With a little gentle prodding, she finally confided that she was ugly because her skin was dark, only light skin is beautiful. This she got from her mom and aunt who are both lighter skinned. We have a lot of issues to work through with her, by God's grace we will. But for now, it is enough for Jeny to know she is loved and she is already beginning to express it to others. She gave away some of her things and along with tracts to Cesa’s family… God is in the details so beautifully.

Some more photos….Bottom- Erica, a lady in our church who has begun to grow, and her home. She is trying to help her daughter and grandbaby live. I would like to get her some metal for her roof but funds are quite limited with all the expenditures as of late. We were able to help with medications for her daughter and baby. Top Rt-Carlo’s first ever tie. We gave it to him for when he is preaching. His wife Luz told him he looked very handsome… soo, he then went and bought 3 more from a used clothing store. Amen! Middle-Luz visited with some of the church children and their grandmother told them she would come but can’t walk that far. Carlos gave up his wheelchair and Luz, Sasha and Jeny went to get her and wheel her back. (it's still bus ministry to me...amen) I was tickled so much watching Luz and Sasha push, while Jeny pulled and brought this lady up the little hill into our church under the tent.. so much so, I forgot to take the pictures….