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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Myra, Cynthia, Ana & Jeny

Pastor Santos visited from the mountain today. He came down to collect a small government scholarship for Cynthia; the orphaned little girl his family took in. She was proud she had won the award (Actually a teacher applies for destitute children’s grant and it is “awarded”) and really needed it to stay in public school. After making the long trip down, Santos went to the bank to collect and buy the things Cynthia needed; only to find out, even though she had "won", she was too far down the list, and the fund had no more money.

A disheartened Pastor Santos and Cyntha walked to our house because they did not even have the $2 bus fair to get back to the base of the mountain. During our fellowship, Cynthia and Jeny played, and we found there are many nights the family goes to bed hungry because he does not make enough to feed them all. Santos is pastoring 2 churches and working full time, but it is not enough.

When you look into the eyes of Cynthia and see the hurting your heart goes out. As the LORD would have it, a one time donation had come in a while back specifically for Cynthia and her lil brother Angel. It was not a large amount, only $70. But it happened to be about the same amount of the scholarship. Hmm, wonder how that happens? God never ceases to amaze me. His eye is on the sparrow…and her name is Cynthia. The little orphaned girl who does not know her birthday has our heavenly father watching her. We added funds to it for food, plus provided 50lbs mix of rice and beans for the family this month. I only pray more would see Christ in the eyes we see. WHEN SAW WE THEE LORD?
(Cynthia & Angel need sponsors)

Ana Cristina Heart Operation- No big news yet. Spending lots of time on the phone and overnight$mailing information to the USA, but as yet nothing concrete. I feel I am fishing with many lines in the water a few nibbles but no bites. She needs this to happen before she dies, so we need your prayers!
(Ana needs a major medical sponsor)

Souls-We have 2 more evangelistic outreaches planned in the next couple of weeks and a time of teaching about Mormonism this Wendsday. The big campaign Dec 31-Jan 5 is still on. The largest soccer stadium/field in town has been secured for those dates. PRAY!

Myra- The little girl with a birth defect in her brain, we helped in Jan, came by with her dad. Lisa had made a dress for her birthday and we had a few other things. I blew up 8 balloons and tied them to her wrist. Jeny has become our little ambassador with other children and they played for a few hours.
(Myra needs a sponsor)

Helping Hands…sometimes aren’t. Last night Lisa heated water for the girls to have warm sponge baths. Jeny has never had a warm bath or shower and really liked it. Great, so today she wanted to repay the favor by helping Lisa. Soo…This morning while Lisa and Sasha were out in the market, I was on the phone and Jeny and Barry Jr were doing their school work, so I thought. Jeny started to help with the laundry. I am oblivious to the events happening in the kitchen until Lisa returned and walked in to find: washing machine in the middle of room, garden hose running it over with water, water covering the entire floor, one lone red hanky in the tub of white clothes and the strong aroma of bleach, the clothes on the floor bleach stained……and Jeny greeting her with a big smile of thanksgiving. Lisa walks into the office and says "Barry I hope you like pink"…. Soo... at least the floor is clean,until tomm.
(Jeny needs a sponsor)