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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jeny is 11 --- Ana Needs Prayer

Jeny, the little girl who was abandoned, abused and running streets at 6… is now 11. We had a private time on her birthday with gifts and play time. The girls went out for ice cream and brought lil Cindy for fun. The Ice cream was huge, the glass bowl was dipped in chocolate and nuts. Jeny really enjoyed the day. Lisa promised after church on Sunday Jeny could celebrate her birthday with friends from church. When word spread that the Americans were having a “girls only” Princess Birthday party…her Sunday School class swelled to over 50. To keep control, it was held in the gated parking area where we will start having Wednesday services. Boys lined the fence to beg for candy. Jeny in her princess dress made by Lisa, a piñata that withstood a 30 minute beating and still would not give up its candy, Bobbing for...potatoes?, Lettuce ball(like musical chairs & double dare). A day Jeny will remember forever.

On a more sobering front is a little 15mo old girl named Ana Cristina. She is the daughter of Pastor Ramon, who is shepherding the people written about in our first ever blog post called “Pure Church” in January.
Ana has a severe heart defect, that if not corrected will end her short life. Ramon came over Friday to talk, cry and pray. He has been through the socialized care in Honduras and was told they could do no more in Honduras; just take her home to die. The only hope was USA medical care. We have been on the phones ever since looking for an open door. She needs prayer. What Glory for Christ, what praise and joy it would be, to see this struggling family, living on $190/mo, relying only on prayer to have them answered….

If you want to help with the already mounting costs, just note for Ana on the check or the paypal donation link to the right

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