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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Update Baby Ana... and Alba

It’s almost 4am as I begin to write this… Not good news. Dr Giatan and Dr Castaneda finished their testing and found the Honduras prognosis was wrong. Ana’s main arteries are reversed and part of her heart is not formed correctly. Plus one artery is too small. The only thing that can be done is a temporary grafted bypass to give her head, heart and upper body more oxygen. If she survives, the heart recovers and arteries enlarge, in a few years do another by pass to get more oxygen to the rest of her body. It is a high risk low potential option but all she has. All the doctors I have talked to say they have rarely seen a baby survive this long with this sever of a problem. I believe she is living on prayer. Because of all this, government hospital wants a financial guarantee before they will let the doctors do this surgery. This is a problem on 2 fronts. The fund that is offering to pay 50% needs to confirm by Thursday (a tall order). We also need the money to pay our commitment, currently down to $3000, by Thursday or the operation will be postponed and Ana sent back to Honduras. No one believes she will make it if that happens. We have several doors to open for funds pray they see the need.

More disturbing news. Alba the 12yr old little girl we have helped for nearly 8 years here. She came to our home last week reaching out. Then, we were confused, now we know why. I was told Saturday she and her little sisters might have been molested by the father and grandfather and they had been selling her…I contacted the authorities and they confirmed what I heard and felt she was, but had no proof. I volunteered to pay for a private Honduran doctor if they got the court order to do it, the judge said yes. At 8am this morning, a team of police will pick up the children and the father. The American doctor visiting Mary’s mission yesterday has already confirmed it, and she might be pregnant, but we need the Honduran legal proof. We may end up with 12 children living in our home in the coming weeks.

On a joyous note, our cup of cold spiritual water. Sunday, I was invited to preach near the border of Nicaragua. The preacher there asked Carlos to bring me to preach a strong gospel message. I never pass up that if I can help it. The sermon was one of warning. It was not a large crowd but all conceded they had been warned of the coming wrath with 12 asking for salvation…including the pastor who invited us. That shocked me. When all was done the men insisted we accept the evening offering. That was humbling. People are turning to Christ and that brings out the fight of spiritual wickedness in high places….please keep us continually before the throne of grace.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie