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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas in Honduras 2006

What a wonderful, long hard day. The Church was packed, the children's class did a great skit, Lisa and the ladies in the church prepped to feed 160+ people at 6:30 in the morning. The church had 2 winners with 1 runner up in a contest of inviting folks to church. They won huge stockings filled with gifts for the family. A single mom named Suyapa worked really hard because it was the only way she could get any kind of presents for her family. I was delighted she won, I led her to the LORD a short time ago and she is growing so much and beginning to teach her children; work hard and trust in the LORD. That is our reward here. Six people in the service asked Christ to save them after hearing about the dark side of Christmas…The reason Jesus came. It was a tremendous amount of work, tents, preaching, train rides, bounce house, feeding the poor, handing out candy and gifts, but at the end of the day Christ was glorified, and we slept very well…Amen!

Christmas Morning…
Here is a collage of smiles from Christmas morning for you all.

If a picture is worth 1000 words here are 9000. This is the first real Christmas of any kind for the children who now live with us.
I asked Jeny the other day if she had ever celebrated Christmas with her family before and she said no, The others echoed the same thing. Other than seeing something in church, it was usually just another day. In general, Americans really do not understand Christmas around the world. This Christmas has been one of the most rewarding times, give all...you will be amazed at what returns. We read the Bible Christmas story last night and opened the presents this morning...we have been getting, thank you’s, hugs and I love you's all day since.
Thank you all

Keep Praying! We need more support, a vehicle, church property & building, sponsors for school by February, a storage building...the list goes on.

Unworthy grateful servants to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour

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