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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wednesday Church

It was a good Wednesday service with 63 in attendance, though the men are still light. I have talked with several missionaries and this seems to be a pattern in Honduras (As well as elsewhere) Marcelle came as well as Piola, so that was a great blessing. Lisa and the girls made special tracts with candy canes for our people to hand out and invite folks for the special service and dinner on Dec 24. Lisa is preparing for maybe 100-200 people but that is now much more difficult with the next news…

Monday we had a phone call from the mission who has allowed us to borrow their truck. They need it back full time and it would no longer be available for use. As of now, it requires 4 taxis to travel anywhere as a family. The LORD knows our needs.
To top that news, the owner of the property the church has been renting to meet on, came by to say he sold it. We can still use it till March but have to pay the new owner which happens to be the local bar/liquor store. Not too keen on the idea of giving funds to the ones contributing to many of the problems in the neighborhood (including lack of men in church), nor having a new bar next to our house. I shared the information with the church. Instead of being dismayed they said lets pray, look and ask the LORD to provide the right property and a way to purchase it and thank him for allowing us this property to start in. That was very encouraging to me; to see the folks pull together as a church.

As you see in the photo the carport triples as a church auditorium, parking(when there is a car), and playground. Barry Jr welded a tire swing from old chain, car axle and junk tire. It can be seen in the top right corner of the photo, pulled up for services, like father like son…Amen! (2 people have expelled their lunches on it so it works great) The carport is small for Wednesdays, but it is woefully inadequate for a Sunday morning service. Keep us in prayer. Some have answered prayers like sending 8 pairs of handmade shorts for the boys!…We also need guidance, wisdom, protection and provision. Always remembering God is Good…ALL the time. AMEN!

Unworthy but willing