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Friday, December 22, 2006

Keep Praying!

Please keep us in prayer over these holidays. The children we now care for as well as those we are helping outside of the Children’s Lighthouse. We are preparing food baskets with a few gifts for several of their families as we can. Much work is still needed for Sunday it is a big outreach for preaching and feeding the barrio plus its a day for the kids with the bounce house equipment and a small gift.
Add to that another preaching event for 2 days next week near the border as well. Our schedule is full. I will update the blog with details and pictures Monday or Tuesday. Then, Dr Waller and his family will be visiting Jan 10th to do some doctoring and prep for this summer.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Barry, Lisa, Sasha, Barry Jr, Alba, Jenny, Toño, Sayder, Julie, Karen, Christian, Ericson

Evening Post
We delivered some gifts and food baskets to a few families today. One visit was to Ana Cristana, she is looking very well and is able to cry now which is a miracle in itself. She used to always be too tired to cry… AMEN! Another visit was with Blanca, her sponsor sent a little extra and we took her to get a few clothes. She really needed them. Alba and Jeny helped her pick out modest clothes. Then after returning with the food basket to her house; we found that Christmas Dinner was a pigeon bird they had caught, not big enough for one person let alone 5-6. Lisa turned and saw her little sister Daisy(7) with a huge 3''x3''x3/8 very infected gouge in her leg (green).We took her to a doctor and he said she had already regressed to a cellulitis and septicemia infection that if left untreated could have killed her, Now she has been deliced, dewormed, tetnus shots, loaded with antibiotics and a gallon of peroxide to use, so we now have and extra child with us for the next week or two....

The LORD never had money either and that never stopped him from caring for the lost, sick or hungry…..
And HE is our example.

Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour