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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Giving the Gospel...

What a night for giving the Gospel. Carlos arranged an outreach near Nicaragua. Until just recently the property and building was vacant and they were even going to offer to sell it to us. It is a hard area for the gospel because of witchcraft there. A church we visited a few months ago had the pastor’s son surrender to start a work there. As we pulled up in Carlo’s taxi, Victor, an elderly man, was carrying in wood to cook with. The owners allowed him to live on and care for the property. He was excited to see an evangelistic outreach and said let me go get some folks and family members. He walked a 100yards down the highway and was hit and killed by a passing police truck. One of the children rushed in to tell us. The first thought was to bring his body to the church. Second was to cancel the meeting. We offered the taxi to carry him in but the police would not release him until their doctor came and pronounced him dead.
As we were driving out to leave, one lady asked us to pray for her sick mother Ambrosia, a very elderly lady. We walked to her house to pray with about 25 people who showed up for preaching. As we were leaving in the taxi again, we were stopped by the pastor and another truckload of people coming to the meeting. They told us the body was going to a family member’s home in the town and the people would rather not cancel preaching so…
Preaching is back on. Roller coaster ride of emotions, difficult time to preach and it was now late and mosquitoes everywhere. To shorten the story, 8 adults prayed and asked Jesus to save them that night and one old Christian went home. AMEN!

Please pray for the Iglesia Bautista La Cruz, the church started near our home. Soon we will not have property to meet on. It was sold to the local bar and they will take possession sometime before March. We need someplace else to meet. A church member researched a nice property 2 blocks away, owned by the bank, on a main road within site of the city landmark catholic church, but the price is 12,000 dollars. Property values here have gone up 200-300% in the last few years here. Add to this we still need to build a building. But for only $20,000, one could buy property and build a church in the city.
The church members we have right now do not have this kind of money. And considering we cannot afford even a vehicle nor can we. A couple of members offered to take out loans, for a 10% down payment to acquire a loan from the bank. Problem? Interest rates here are 3-4 times the USA. I advised against usury, especially at loan shark rates. It’s in God’s hands and His people, so for now we need prayer. This area really needs a gospel preaching church.

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