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Friday, January 12, 2007

A Day in the Life...

I asked Linda to write anything for the Blog she wanted. Greg, Linda and their son Tim are full time medical doctor/missionaries and friends from the USA here to survey for a July medical trip. I will write about them later, for now here is Linda's first few days here.

How do I describe a day in the life of the Ritchies? Our trip began in Honduras with a beautiful drive through the mountains, clear streams, green vistas, blue skies. When we arrived we were greeted with many hugs and words of welcome from 10 (yes 10) of the cutest little kids we had ever seen.
One day we went to see a 98 yr old lady for stomach pains and ended up having a “mini” clinic. After the clinic we drove to the Mayor’s office where Greg was able to obtain letters of permission for a clinic later in the year. We were hot, tired and sticky. What happens when you arrive home and little boy named Christian comes up, gives you a giant bear hug and hangs on around your neck? You’re not tired anymore. You are not hot anymore and the kids don’t care if you’re sticky!
Fixing a meal is in itself an adventure when you are used to cooking for 3 and all of a sudden you find yourself helping to cook for 17! Five pounds of potatoes will last quite a while at my house but I cut up that many for just one meal here! Yet, once again, when you see the little faces enjoying a satisfying meal and asking for more you know you could easily cut up another 5 lbs with no problem at all.
The children here at Casa de luz para los ninos are well cared for; food, shelter, etc. but let me tell you the most important ingredient I saw here. The children are well loved here. It is not unusual to be stopped mid stride for a hug from a child that didn’t receive to many before coming here but has learned that Poppi and Mommi are never to busy for hugs! Sasha and Barry Jr. are more than “caregivers” they are big brother and big sister. The kids love them as their own family.
I have had the privilege of being with the Ritchie’s this week and I can tell you that even though I have traveled to 3 continents and dozens of countries, none of the missionaries have touched me like these have. If you have not had the joy of getting one of Ericson’s hugs or your hair fixed by Jeny, then all the girls...at the same time, then make plans to visit the Ritchie’s and experience a blessing like only Casa de luz can give!